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50 Virtual Talent Show Ideas

50 Virtual Talent Show Ideas Image Blog (1)

Here at ClassTag, we love bringing together our community of teachers, parents, and students! This year, for our 2nd annual #SchoolsGotTalent talent show, the stakes are even higher thanks to our friends at @FirstActMusic.

The top 5 submissions will receive a First Act musical instrument of choice such as this super-cool America’s Got Talent Microphone…plus a chance to compete LIVE to win a $1,000 grant toward their school

The Rules are simple:

  1. Make sure your Instagram account is set to public (or else we can’t view your awesome performances!) 
  2. Post a video of your child/student’s talent performance on Instagram by 4/5/2021
  3. Tag @schoolsgottalent, @classtagme, follow AND tag @FirstActMusic to qualify 

ClassTag will then repost submissions to the @schoolsgottalent handle for our community of followers to vote by “liking” their favorites. The contestants with the top 5 votes will compete in front of our special-guest judges for a chance to win the grand prize of $1,000 toward their school on 4/15/2021! 


Tips and Tricks to Shine

We know you might be camera shy, so here are some quick pro-tips to get you started:

Keep the video short (30-60 seconds). Instagram Reels is a great way to set your video apart!

Get the entire community involved by making this a school-wide effort and make sure to “vote” for your favorite acts by liking the Instagram reposts on @schoolsgottalent. 

And, don’t worry we have a ton of ideas you can use if you’re stuck! Check out these talent-show ideas below:

  1. Play a musical instrument 
  2. Create a Tik-Tok video
  3. Paint a picture 
  4. Perform a Magic Act
  5. Glowing Stick-man Dance Routine
  6. Stand-up Comedy
  7. Create a Skit
  8. Perform a Dance
  9. Do a Step Routine
  10. Cheer-leading
  11. Fold Towel Animals
  12. Sidewalk Chalk Drawing
  13. Slam-Poetry Reading
  14. Telling a story
  15. Rap Improv
  16. Card-houses
  17. Beatbox
  18. Sing Acapella
  19. Create a dress out of duct-tape
  20. Put on a Runway Show
  21. Fruit Carving
  22. Decorating a Cake
  23. Synchronized Swimming Routine
  24. Show off your DJ skills
  25. Hula-hooping
  26. Sing in a different language
  27. Do a Ventriloquist Act
  28. Puppet show
  29. Jump-rope tricks
  30. Gymnastics Routine
  31. Breakdance
  32. Hand-clapping Routine
  33. A Historical skit with costumes
  34. Shadow Dancing
  35. Bike Riding Routine
  36. Create an interactive Science Project
  37. Be a mime
  38. Yoga stances
  39. Face-painting
  40. Code a Video Game
  41. Whistle a tune
  42. Imitate a Famous Person
  43. Yo-Yo Tricks
  44. Karate
  45. Skateboard Tricks
  46. Ballet Dance
  47. Lip-sync your Favorite Song
  48. Juggling Act
  49. Pogo Stick Tricks
  50. Build the tallest tower

Watch to see who won our 2020 #SchoolsGotTalent:

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