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Your ClassTag School Launch Kit

With your ClassTag School Launch Kit you will be ready to get everyone on board ClassTag’s free communication platform and ready in 3 easy steps!

ClassTag Launch Kit for Your School

1. Set up your school

Go ahead, become a ClassTag Leader and claim your school on If you can’t locate your school or looking to become a District Leader on ClassTag, please send us a note to and we will promptly assist you.

Helpful resources:

PRO TIP: Customize your school on ClassTag with school branding to keep consistent look and feel. Change your cover photo and avatar and it will be reflected in various communications. Learn more about your ClassTag Leader superpowers here.

2. Invite teachers and administrators

Invite school leaders and teachers right from the school page so that they can get connected instantly. The ClassTag Leaders will be able to access and manage everything on ClassTag, while teachers you invite will only be able to add other teachers and create their classrooms.

So now your school is set up, it’s time for the Launch Party 😉 with teachers and school leaders that would be actively using ClassTag.

What to bring to the party?

This quick 1-minute video from one of the ClassTag Leaders is a hit. You can play it for the teachers to see the benefits of ClassTag at a glance.

Have a bit more time for a presentation and comparison vs. other communication solutions? We’ve got you covered!

Now is a great time to open up your ClassTag account and show off the next steps for teachers.

  • Create classes right from the school page (you can do so for them as ClassTag Leader or they can themselves)
  • Invite co-teachers to the classes e.g., in many Middle Schools classes are set up as grade-level or you might want to add specialty teachers (from directory page in that class +teacher)
  • Show teachers how to add student lists, parent contacts

If teachers are ready to go ahead of the meeting, you can accelerate the process and use the time to help everyone get set up right on the spot. In this case, here are a few party favorites that teachers should bring: student list and parent contacts (to invite on the spot); list of holidays and days off and school activities already planned (to be set up as events); resources teachers want to share with parents e.g., study packet, printables, links to useful resources (create a pinned announcement)! Resources below will guide you step by step.

Student list and parent contacts

In order to join ClassTag, you will need to have a student roster for each of the classes or groups. To add student roster and invite parents a school leader or a teacher will need to click on a class name from the school page or left side navigation and go to Directory tab. There are three ways parents can be invited to join ClassTag: 1. Copy & paste student names and parent emails using a template; 2. Enter students and parents’ emails or cell phone numbers manually; 3. Copy & paste or enter manually the student list and print flyers with codes for parents to join.

Helpful resources:

List of holidays and planned activities

Wouldn’t it be great to post an activity once and then sit back and see parents’ responses, RSVPs, and volunteers coming your way? It is possible with ClassTag! To take full advantage of ClassTag’s smart automation and personalized weekly newsletters (weekly summary) automatically creating upcoming week-at-a-glance, you will need to load up as many activities as you can.

  • Set up events for days off, tests, important assignments, community events, dress up days, parties with multiple types of volunteers, meet the teacher night, etc.
  • Organize volunteer requests for field trips, snacks, item donations, etc.
  • Use parent-teacher conferences functionality for any activities that require families to pick a time slot, e.g., home visits or calls, parent-teacher or student-led conferences
  • Create To-Dos for any submissions required from parents, e.g., permission slips, forms, health records, etc.

Helpful resources:

Resources to share with parents

You want to streamline communications in your school and adding handy resources in a visible place for parents to reference is a great way to do so. While ClasstTag doesn’t have a dedicated resources page, an easy way to share these resources is to create a pinned announcement with all the resources for parents to reference throughout the year (attachments, links, anything can go there). Your pinned announcement will remain at the top of your Home tab for easy access, you can add resources at any time as well as unpin it.

Helpful resources:

PRO TIP: Customize your classes on ClassTag with school and/or class branding to make your personality come through and keep brand consistency. Change your class cover photo and avatar as well as your profile picture and it will be reflected in various communications.

3. Launch with parents

It’s Go time! Parents have been invited to ClassTag, and it is the time to build excitement in your community and help parents utilize the program to stay on track with school happenings and connect with the teachers and each other.

Amazing news! Once parents are invited to join ClassTag, they start receiving all of the communications and can sign up at any time to see more pictures, pick a conference slot or send a message. This way you can quickly reach all parents.

Helpful resources:

PRO TIP: Once parents are invited to join ClassTag send a welcome announcement saying how important it would be to join ClassTag, benefits for parents and a link to how to use it for parents. You can send it as a multi-classroom announcement as a ClassTag Leader from school page or individually for each class and pin it for easy reference at the top of Home tab.

With this Launch Kit, you are guaranteed to unite teachers and parents in every child’s success and make this collaboration simple and joyful! Now you can reach and engage every parent regardless of what device they use with relevant, timely and personalized communications.

Wait! That’s not all yet!

Have you heard of ClassTag Rewards? This is an amazing program to help teachers get free supplies as they communicate with parents. Yes!! Every month ClassTag coins are deposited based on parent engagement and teachers get much-needed resources for the class.

Teachers and ClassTag Leaders can also earn supplies as they share ClassTag and everyone who creates a class with the special link will get 150 coins each! What a great way to celebrate a great parent partnership and each other.

We are just a step away at if you need to reach us.

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