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How to Maximize the Benefits of ClassTag Connect

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We’re thrilled to announce that all of the amazing schoolwide benefits of ClassTag Connect will be available until July 1, 2022! We’re also offering an introductory offer for all schools that upgrade before July 1st.

What benefits do you get with ClassTag Connect? Do teachers and school staff get anything special? We’re here to answer all your questions. So, keep reading to learn how to maximize your free trial of ClassTag Connect!

Short on time? Here is a quick snapshot of the differences between ClassTag and ClassTag Connect.

The Benefits of ClassTag Connect for Teachers

Besides our comprehensive parent-teacher capabilities, we have some special benefits, just for teachers on ClassTag Connect, including 

  • Smart Multi-classroom Announcements
  • Beautiful Themes
  • Printable Parent Communication Logs

Smart Multi-classroom Announcements

Tired of copying and pasting your Announcements from one class to the next? You can now send Announcements to the classrooms you choose- all at the same time! Start an Announcement, scroll down and check the boxes next to the classes you want the Announcement to be sent.

Multi Classroom Announcements


You might also notice some additional Announcement features! With ClassTag Connect’s Smart Multi-classroom Announcements, you can send priority announcements, voice broadcasts, and share on social media. 

Simply slide over the toggle, and you’re set!

Beautify your ClassTag Classroom with Themes

With a selection of 10+ fun themes and more on the way each month, there’s no reason you can’t personalize your ClassTag classroom, just like you would your real classroom!

New themes are added at the beginning of each month, so keep checking in for fresh new looks for your classroom.

Multi Classroom Announcements (1)


Printable Parent Communication Logs

Do you work at a school where you need to keep copies of all your communications with parents? ClassTag Connect makes it easy to keep track of every parent interaction. Best of all – printing a log of all interactions is just a simple click of the button.

Head over to your directory, click the child’s name, and click the green log button. All previous interactions will be listed, and you’ll be able to add new interactions as well.

Multi Classroom Announcements (2)

Interested in upgrading to ClassTag Connect? Let us help!

The Benefits of ClassTag Connect for School Staff

The ClassTag Team knows how vital school staff is to run the school! You’re the first line of schoolwide communication and keep teachers and administrators on track.

With ClassTag Connect, we hope to make your job just a little easier with:

  • Internal Communication
  • Actionable Reporting
  • SIS Integrations

Actionable Reporting and Insights

As the glue holding a school together, we know you’re often tasked with getting in touch with hard-to-reach families or providing school administrators with essential reports and insights.

We have you covered with a suite of helpful reports. For example, our Family Engagement report helps you identify unreachable parents and makes it easy to get in touch with them. Our reports have insights and contact information all in one place!

Check out our other popular reports, such as the Communications Report – which tells you how and when teachers reach out to parents.

SIS Integrations and Set-Up

Integrating with existing tech, especially SIS systems, makes handling and managing contact information a bit more straightforward.

ClassTag Connect integrated with Clever, ClassLink, and OneRoster – making information easily accessible, right within the platform. 


*Please Note: Users who upgrade to ClassTag Connect will have an implementation specialist to help set up your school SIS integrations. During our free offering of ClassTag Connect, users may set up SIS integrations themselves – but we will not be able to provide support.

Connect Upgrade Banner

The Benefits of ClassTag Connect for School Leaders

With so much going on in a school day, we know school leaders often feel overwhelmed regarding parent communications and building the school community. 

ClassTag Connect fits within your workflow and makes it easy to identify issues before they arise with:

  • Actionable Reporting Data
  • Advanced User Permissions
  • Cascading Communications

Using Actionable Reporting Data to Inform Decision-Making

ClassTag Connect is a perfect solution for data-driven Administrators who love actionable insights and a robust reporting suite.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how you can use different reports to help you make confident, data-driven decisions.

Multi Classroom Announcements (3)

Advanced User Permissions

ClassTag Connect has powerful settings aimed at helping administrators take charge of the school’s communications settings and permissions.

Advanced user settings allow for a granular level of control, so you feel confident your school image and communications are sent the way you intended.

Popular Administrator settings include:

  • Where teachers post Announcements (e.g., school, grade level, classes they own)
  • How parents interact with Announcements (e.g., commenting, sharing of files and Announcements)
  • Information visible to parents (e.g., ability to turn the Directory on/off for parents)
  • Teacher Permissions (e.g., ability to turn on/off broadcast features, contributions, and supply list sharing)
  • Roster Management Permissions (e.g., who can edit rosters and family contact information)

Cascading Communications

Simplify your school messaging channel with ClassTag Connect’s cascading communications. With cascading communications, district, school, and classroom communications are all in one central location – making it easy for families and staff to communicate. 

Next time you want to share information with your school’s parents and staff, just create a school announcement from your selected school. Everyone within the school will be alerted and sent communications in the channel that works best for them!

Communications at the district, school, and classroom levels look different, so parents and staff know who is sending the communications.

Maximizing Your Limited Time Offer 

Remember, ClassTag Connect is available until July 1, 2022 – so be sure to give the features a try! And, if you’re ready to upgrade, we have a special offer just for your school!

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