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ClassTag helps students succeed by making it easy to set-up and schedule parent-teacher conferences.

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Save Time With ClassTag

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    Step 1

    Create a Classroom

    Sign up and create your customized classroom. Keep personal details private, set office hours, and create your community.

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    Step 2

    Invite Parents

    Upload your roster, print sign-up codes, or sync your Google Classroom. Parents don’t need to sign up or download anything.

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    Step 3

    Schedule Conferences

    Coordinate conferences for in-person or remote meetings that sync automatically with Google Calendar and Google Meet video conferencing.


    Turn Parents into Partners to Benefit Your Students

    When parents are engaged through consistent communication, student achievement increases. Seamlessly reach every parent through …

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    Direct Messaging

    You send a message, either directly to a parent or to the whole class. Parents automatically receive it, however, suits them with ClassTag’s unique “smart messaging”, saving you time and reducing back-and-forth messaging.

    • Automatic translation into 100+ languages
    • Automatic conversion to email, SMS, web, app or paper based on parent preferences
    • Available on any device
  • Accountable Parents
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    Usage & Engagement Reports

    Understand which parents are in the loop with ClassTag. You’ll always have a clear, transparent record of your communication with parents.

    • See who’s read your messages and who has not
    • You’ll get notified when contact details are out of date
    • Get suggestions to send a note home for hard-to-reach parents
  • Streamline Communication
    Streamline Communication

    More Time for What Matters

    ClassTag is like your virtual classroom assistant, helping you win back time while keeping parents up-to-date and in the loop.

    • Parent-teacher conference scheduling
    • Automatic reminders for events and dates
    • Volunteer signups, donations and supply lists
    • Class calendar and events
    • Newsletters, Photos & Video Sharing
    • Having fun!
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    Less Confusion - More Fun

    Communicating through ClassTag is seamless, helping you save time and have stronger parent engagement. Plus, that leaves more time for creating fun learning moments!

    • ClassTag’s features provide the perfect teacher toolkit
    • It reduces stress and confusion and is fun and easy to use
  • Worth a Mention

    over 25,000 schools connecting with over 5 million families

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      • “ClassTag is transformational. I have never seen this level of parent engagement. A must have tool for every teacher!”

        Rebecca Karow Kindergarten Teacher, Success Academy, New York City
      • “What I love about ClassTag is that if I have something in my calendar, or that parents need to respond to, ClassTag sends them automatic reminders, so I don’t need to do any of that work.”

        Danielle Fugazzi 1st Grade Teacher, Now Assistant Principal, New York City
      • “We had the idea to have parents choose their own times for parent-teacher conferences...We implemented that with ClassTag, it was super cool. Teachers bought into it... it was fabulous!”

        Susan Oehlertz Technology Integrationist
      • “ClassTag has opened up the gates for teacher-parent communication! There's no more waiting for responses or risking lost papers getting sent to and from school. It is a super way to send reminders to parents!”

        Leslie Aden 5th Grade Teacher, Pocahontas Area Elementary, Iowa
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      Comparing ClassTag

      How We're Different

      We know you might be considering other's what teachers love about ClassTag and how we compare.

    • ClassDojo
    • Remind
    • 02 Reach Any Parent, Simply And Easily 02

      Reach All Parents

      Reach parents, with or without the app. Get in touch with hard-to-reach parents through SMS, email, the app, web, or even paper - all automatically translated in 100+ languages in their favorite channel.

    • 01 One Tool For All Parent Communication Needs 02


      Schedule and coordinate events and parent-teacher conferences with a click of a button - all while syncing seamlessly with Google Meet and Calendar.

    • 04 Get The Supplies You Need With Classtag Goods 02

      Get Needed Supplies

      Put your wallet away and get much-needed supplies through a trustworthy and transparent channel.

    • 01 One Tool For All Parent Communication Needs 02

      An All-in-One Solution

      If you're using Remind you'll need more tools and services. With ClassTag, everything is in one place and integrates seamlessly with Google tools.

    • 02 Reach Any Parent, Simply And Easily 02

      No Character Limits

      Because sometimes you need more than just tweet's worth and you need it in over 100 languages.

    • 04 Get The Supplies You Need With Classtag Goods 02

      Totally Free + Some

      ClassTag is totally free and provides you with a transparent and trustworthy way to get free classroom supplies.

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      Parent Teacher Communication Made Easy With Our Free - User Friendly App

      Your students deserve the ultimate tag-team. And we’re here to support amazing teachers like you. Let’s make it happen!