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ClassTag provides educators and leaders a seamless way to communicate with your parents in a fun, easy-to-use app.

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Getting Started With ClassTag

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    Step 1

    Create Your Community

    Sign up and create a customized classroom. Keep personal details private, set office hours, and create your community.

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    Step 2

    Invite Parents

    Upload your roster, print sign-up codes, or invite parents individually. Parents don’t need to sign up or download anything.

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    Step 3

    Start Reaching Parents

    ClassTag makes communicating with parents fun and easy. Whether a daycare, after school program, or other activity, ClassTag helps you build community.


    Features for Daycares, After-School Programs, and More...

    Simplify your communications and save time by keeping all of the parents in your community in the loop. Reach every parent with...

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    Direct Messaging

    You send a message, either directly to a parent or to the whole group. Parents automatically receive it however suits them with ClassTag’s unique “smart messaging”, saving you time and reducing back-and-forth messaging.

    • Automatic translation into 100+ languages
    • Automatic conversion to email, SMS, web, app or paper based on parent preferences
    • Available on any device
  • Accountable Parents
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    Usage & Engagement Reports

    Understand which parents are in the loop with ClassTag. You’ll always have a clear, transparent record of your communication with parents.

    • See who’s read your messages and who has not
    • You’ll get notified when contact details are out of date
    • Get suggestions for contacting hard to reach parents
  • Streamline Communication
    Streamline Communication

    Less Administrative Time

    ClassTag helps you save time and focus on working with your students. Streamline your communications through:

    • Direct messaging or class-wide announcements, automatically translated into 100+ languages
    • Event calendars
    • Automatic reminders
    • Newsletters
    • Photos & Video Sharing
    • Volunteer signups
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    Less Confusion - More Fun

    Communicating through ClassTag is seamless, helping you save time and have stronger parent engagement. Plus, that leaves more time for creating fun learning moments!

    • ClassTag’s features provide the perfect communication toolkit
    • It reduces stress and confusion and is fun and easy to use
  • Worth a Mention

    over 25,000 schools connecting with over 5 million families

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      • “ClassTag is transformational. I have never seen this level of parent engagement. A must have tool for every teacher!”

        Rebecca Karow Kindergarten Teacher, Success Academy, New York City
      • “What I love about ClassTag is that if I have something in my calendar, or that parents need to respond to, ClassTag sends them automatic reminders, so I don’t need to do any of that work.”

        Danielle Fugazzi 1st Grade Teacher, Now Assistant Principal, New York City
      • “We had the idea to have parents choose their own times for parent-teacher conferences...We implemented that with ClassTag, it was super cool. Teachers bought into it... it was fabulous!”

        Susan Oehlertz Technology Integrationist
      • “ClassTag has opened up the gates for teacher-parent communication! There's no more waiting for responses or risking lost papers getting sent to and from school. It is a super way to send reminders to parents!”

        Leslie Aden 5th Grade Teacher, Pocahontas Area Elementary, Iowa
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      Comparing ClassTag

      How We're Different

      We know you might be considering other's what teachers love about ClassTag and how we compare.

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    • Remind
    • 02 Reach Any Parent, Simply And Easily 02

      Reach All Parents

      Reach parents, with or without the app. Get in touch with hard-to-reach parents through SMS, email, the app, web, or even paper - all automatically translated in 100+ languages in their favorite channel.

    • 01 One Tool For All Parent Communication Needs 02


      Schedule and coordinate events and parent-teacher conferences with a click of a button - all while syncing seamlessly with Google Meet and Calendar.

    • 04 Get The Supplies You Need With Classtag Goods 02

      Get Needed Supplies

      Put your wallet away and get much-needed supplies through a trustworthy and transparent channel.

    • 01 One Tool For All Parent Communication Needs 02

      An All-in-One Solution

      If you're using Remind you'll need more tools and services. With ClassTag, everything is in one place and integrates seamlessly with Google tools.

    • 02 Reach Any Parent, Simply And Easily 02

      No Character Limits

      Because sometimes you need more than just tweet's worth and you need it in over 100 languages.

    • 04 Get The Supplies You Need With Classtag Goods 02

      Totally Free + Some

      ClassTag is totally free and provides you with a transparent and trustworthy way to get free classroom supplies.

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      Your students deserve the ultimate tag-team. And we’re here to support amazing teachers like you. Let’s make it happen!