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Creating The Perfect Fall Party

Young Kids Carving Halloween Jack O' Lanterns

Fall is such a perfect time to party at school with your students! The crisp air is filled with the excitement of the upcoming holidays. Nature is radiating a rainbow of colors and showing us just how beautiful change can be. With weeks of school now under your belt, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate with your class. They have finished projects, mastered assessments, and maybe even closed out an entire grading period.

Taking time to recognize these efforts shows just how invested you are in their success. Now it’s time to plan! Follow these easy steps for a well-prepped and polished event.

Save The Date

Label With Autumn Decoration, English Text Save The DateSuccessful planning is all in the details. Set a date for your event that is meaningful to you and your students. The fall season is chock-full of wonderful academic and social holidays that blend well with the educational goals of your classroom.


October is National Book Month, National Apple Month, and National Bully Prevention Month. Share your love of reading with a book tasting, recognize the harvest, or throw a friendship feast!

November brings National Young Readers Week (November 11th-15th) and National Novel Writing Month. Plan an extended language arts project and then put your work on exhibit for the school. November 13th is World Kindness Day. Organize acts of service and bring your efforts into the community.

Pro-Tip: Whether you’re celebrating a particular holiday or a milestone goal, communicate the date, invite your students, and give them the day to look forward to.

Theme-Out Your Space

Now that the date has been saved, it’s time to choose a theme! If your school does not allow Halloween festivities or you’re not into the monster mash, there are still plenty of inclusive themes to fit your needs!

Fall is a time to say goodbye to summer, pick a pumpkin, or enjoy the apple harvest. Camping and tailgating are also popular fall activities that can easily be incorporated in a kid-friendly setting.Halloween Decoration

When planning the perfect party, the kids aren’t going to remember every little detailed decoration. They’re going to recall the time that was spent together and the memories they made. Work together to make the décor- have them bring items from home, or get crafty! The point is to keep it simple.

Bring the outdoors in, or the kids out. Nature is already beautiful! Focus your energy into the learning goals or activities and take the pressure off of yourself to create a Pinterest-worthy environment.

For more decorating ideas that won’t bust your budget, visit:

It’s Game Time!

Mad Scientist Holding Hot SubstanceA successful party is a busy party! Revisit your purpose for planning and align those goals to your curriculum.

Estimate the number of apples in an orchard, gather leftover pumpkins and investigate their traits in a STEM experiment, or study the life cycle of a sunflower. Poll the school on their favorite or chosen holiday costumes and graph the results.

Gather fall ingredients and spend time baking, investigating the measurements and how the ingredients work together. Dress as a mad scientist to direct chemistry experiments. Look into the physics behind tailgating games, such as the trajectory needed for the perfect bean bag toss.

Corn Hole Game Bean Bag Toss Sports Tailgating Event

Once kids put the time in, they’ll be anxious to show what they know, and a hands-on application of that knowledge merges the festivity with learning. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and join in the fun of the season!

Create The Event

EventKeeping yourself organized has never been easier with ClassTag! This is the critical step that ties it all together. If your parents are already connected to ClassTag, donations, volunteer sign-ups, and announcements are a piece of cake!

Log-in to ClassTag and follow these easy steps:

  • Click on the ‘+’ icon to create a new activity.
  • Add and customize all features of your event.
  • Click ‘Done’ and you’ll be able to preview all of the reminders that have been created for the event.

Without lifting another finger, we’ll remind parents about supplies, dates, deadlines, and volunteer opportunities!


The entire process only takes minutes! Gone are the hours spent prepping, calling parents, and begging for help. Keep everyone organized in one place with ClassTag, and let us help alleviate the stress of party planning. Let go of your worries, embrace the season, and enjoy your fall festivities!

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