Feeling limited by Remind?

ClassTag helps you break through better than Remind, with a full suite of tools to help you reach and engage all parents. No character limits, no hidden data and no paid features, for anyone.

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    “Jack's got some math homework that is due next week. If he needs help he can refer to the course textbook.”

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ClassTag and the teachers that use it are supported by our generous friends:

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    • “ClassTag is transformational. I have never seen this level of parent engagement. A must have tool for every teacher!”

      Rebecca Karow Kindergarten Teacher, Success Academy, New York City
    • “What I love about ClassTag is that if I have something in my calendar, or that parents need to respond to, ClassTag sends them automatic reminders, so I don’t need to do any of that work.”

      Danielle Fugazzi 1st Grade Teacher, Now Assistant Principal, New York City
    • “We had the idea to have parents choose their own times for parent-teacher conferences...We implemented that with ClassTag, it was super cool. Teachers bought into it... it was fabulous!”

      Susan Oehlertz Technology Integrationist
    • “ClassTag has opened up the gates for teacher-parent communication! There's no more waiting for responses or risking lost papers getting sent to and from school. It is a super way to send reminders to parents!”

      Leslie Aden 5th Grade Teacher, Pocahontas Area Elementary, Iowa
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    The clear Remind alternative

    Parent communication without limits

    We designed ClassTag to support teachers, as they make amazing things happen in their class and communities. For us, it’s about empowering teachers to connect and engage every parent. Because of this we don’t put any limits on features, and there’s no paid version for teachers, parents or even schools.

  • All In One

    All-in-one solution

    Do all of your messaging, announcements, sign-ups, newsletters, events, supply lists and more, in one easy-to-use tool.

  • No Limitations

    No limitations

    With ClassTag, there are no character limits, no hidden stats and no paywalls. You’re free to engage your parent community on your terms!

  • Accessible

    Accessible for all

    Reach more parents with ClassTag. We’ll automaticallly convert your messages into email, SMS and 50+ languages, based on parent preferences. No app download and no smartphone needed; your messages are even available as a printout!

  • Unlocking Rewards
    Earn Rewards
    A unique bonus

    Earn rewards through ClassTag

    Thanks to our partners, you’ll earn free classroom supplies and teacher goodies, just for doing your regular parent communication through ClassTag. We’re giving away over $3 million in rewards to our teachers each year!

    Streamline Communication
    Streamline Graphic
    Save time

    Streamline parent- teacher communication

    With ClassTag, you’ll enjoy a complete parent messaging toolkit (with a few unique twists to help reach more parents). Unlike Remind, you’ll also get everything you need for organization, scheduling, newsletters, getting volunteers, donations and more, all in one easy-to-use tool.

    Let's Compare

    Classtag vs Remind

    Comparing tools can be overwhelming….this table to the rescue!

    • Remind


    • Teacher-parent messaging
    • Totally free for teachers, parents and schools
    • Unlimited SMS message length
    • Communication methods matched to parent preference (SMS, email, apps, website, paper)
    • One-click parent/teacher conference, volunteers and to-do’s
    • External calendar support and sync for events with reminders
    • Weekly newsletters
    • Photo and video sharing with built-in interactions and commenting
    • Supply lists for 1-click purchase by parents
    • Free classroom supplies for using the app


    • Human Support - Live Chat and Email
    • Help Videos for all Features
    • Help Center
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    Reach More Parents, Save Time and Earn Rewards

    Make the switch from Remind to ClassTag and start enjoying simple, effective parent-teacher communication that just works, for everyone.

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