Why choose ClassTag Over ClassDojo?

First, we’d like to give a quick nod to the team at Classdojo. They’ve built a great product for teachers. And, if you’re here because you’re evaluating ClassTag vs. ClassDojo, you’re already doing the right thing by finding a product for parent-teacher communication and behavior management.

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So What’s the Difference Between
ClassDojo and ClassTag?

Although there are some pretty big differences with the features and
functions, we think the biggest difference comes down to philosophy

Transactional Teaching

With ClassDojo, you reward or punish students with Dojo points

ClassDojo’s claim to fame is Dojo Points, their in-class behavior management tool. Students can earn points for good behavior or lose them for bad. While some teachers love this, there’s a lot of controversy, and some teachers and parents feel it causes more problems than it solves.

Dojo helps you incentivize students

Rewarding or punishing students with Dojo Points can be an effective way to manage behavior, but it often times ends in shame, guilt and embarrassment for students who struggle. Hence why many teachers advocate different ways to manage behavior.

Community Supported Teaching

With ClassTag, you can help students succeed by partnering with parents

ClassTag takes a different approach. Rather than focusing on kids earning points, we help teachers get 100% of parents involved in their kids' education. We believe this is the best way to help students succeed.

ClassTag helps you build meaningful relationships

So, long story short, if you believe deep relationships and parent engagement are the keys to student success, you’re in the right place. We created ClassTag for you.

“ClassTag is transformational. I have never seen this level of parent engagement. A must-have tool for every teacher!!”

Rebecca Karow

Kindergarten Teacher Success Academy New York City

5 Reasons Teachers Switch to ClassTag


No more excuses - reach 100% of families

Parents don’t have to download an app to join the party. ClassTag’s smart messages reach all parents based on their preferred channel (SMS, email, app, web or paper), automatically translated into 100+ languages.


Get more parent participation

With one easy click, parents can participate in events, volunteer opportunities, parent-teacher conferences and more.


Get parents involved in student success

Studies show parental involvement improves student behavior, attendance, and test scores. ClassTag’s communication tools make it easy to build relationships with parents.


Raise classroom funds without begging

Get the financial support you need. Set up your Classroom Fund in minutes and use the power of ClassTag’s communication tools to receive free supplies from your community and education supporters.


Simplify your workflow

  • Hold parent-teacher conferences on ClassTag with Google Meet
  • Sync your Google Calendar with ClassTag events
  • Use ClassTag quick links for shortcuts to essential G-Suite tools
  • Embed YouTube videos directly to your ClassTag feed
  • Store and exchange important files with Google Drive
  • Message parents without leaving Google Classroom

ClassTag vs. ClassDojo at a Glance.


Roster sync with Google Classroom
Unlimited SMS message length
Photo and video sharing with built-in iterations and commenting
Automatic language translation into 100+ languages
Student portfolios
1-click Parent Teacher Conference
In-App video recording
Live human support via chat and email
Supply lists automated fundraising

Over 100k+ Teachers Love ClassTag Goods.

Sasha Kindergarten Teacher

ClassTag has made parent communication so much easier! Don’t know how I did it before 🤣

Lori First Grade Teacher

Joined 2 years ago and have earned so many AMAZING items for my classroom 🚀🚀

Carly Kindergarten Teacher

Incredible features - like parent teacher conferences, classroom fund donations, and more.

Zhanna 2nd Grade Teacher

Especially good for reaching ESL families. Plus, ClassTag is so easy to use 💌💌💌

Sophy 2nd Grade Teacher

My school uses Classtag and it helps me keep track of certain events, tests, and all that 📕

Alina Kindergarten Teacher

My students were so excited to add flexible seating to our room with ClassTag Goods!

Darcas First Grade Teacher

ClassTag has been everything my parents, my students, and me needed. 🏖️

Arelis 3rd Grade Teacher

The students' faces lit up when we received two yoga balls. Possible b/c of ClassTag 👩‍🏫

Jackie 4th Grade Teacher

ClassTag seriously makes communication so much easier for me! Lifechanging.

Jori 1st Grade Teacher

With ClassTag Goods I bought a new resource for my students to learn about money.

Works on Any Device

ClassTag works on any phone (smart or not-so-smart), computer, tablet iOS and Android

Private and Secure

We’re FERPA and COPPA certified by iKeepSafe and take the utmost care with your community’s privacy. Configure what parents can do and see as you wish.

Customized to your needs

Office hours, custom themes, templates, agile to message any group and let everyone get messages whatever they want

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