Learning and Pedagogy / Jan 23, 2019

5 Valentine’s Day Lesson Plans for a Heart-filled Classroom

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Candy-fueled students might seem like a scary thought for even the most seasoned of teachers, but we have plenty of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without the sugar overload.  Here are 5 great resources from Teachers Pay Teachers for heart-filled Valentine’s Day lesson plans. Don’t worry; we won’t judge if you decide to indulge.

 This Valentine’s, grab some chocolate and head to Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT). What’s even sweeter? Earn these resources and more FREE with ClassTag Rewards.

Without further ado, here are some TpT treats too good to pass up:

1. Valentine’s Day Activities by Clearly Primary

Val1 (1)

Your little valentines will ❤️ you for this fun Valentine’s Day math and reading practice sheets!  This packet also includes some cute color-by-word sheets which are perfect to display in your classroom. (Grades: PreK- 1st)

2. Valentine’s Day STEM by Brooke Brown

Val2 (1)Your little ones will be enamored with this fun Valentine’s Day STEM partner activities!  Brook even includes some STEM-centric vocabulary and record-keeping sheets to help tie-the-knot between reading and science! (Grades K-5th)




3. Valentine’s Day Opinion Writing Activity by Michael Friermood

Val3 (1)

Who doesn’t LUV those fun conversation hearts during Valentine’s Day?  Well, you’ll find out if they are the ULTIMATE Valentine’s Day candy during this engaging writing activity! (Grades 3-5)




4. Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board by The Designer Teacher

Val4 (1)

This craftivity is the purrfect way to get your little sweet-hearts to reflect on the people they LUV while making your classroom adorable ?! (Grades K-6)

5. Valentine’s Day Math by Teaching with a Mountain View

Val5 (1)

‘For the Love of Math’: let your students have fun practicing everything from the orders of operations to fractions.  Remember: MATH + U = THE BEST! (Grades 4-6)

❤️WE R CRAZY for teachers!❤️  Head on over to ClassTag to check out our new heart-filled Rewards, JUST 4 U! 

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