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Top 10 TpT Teachers to Look Out For in 2019

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – the most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other. It brings us joy to share our experience with others and to help them succeed. The easier resource-sharing becomes, the wider our reach can grow, and that’s why Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) is one of the best things to happen to the teaching community.

tpt resources

Tpt is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. Members of TpT have access to over 3 million teaching resources. These resources are very affordable (sometimes free!) and range from PreK to 12th-grade content in a multitude of subjects. However, they wouldn’t exist without the incredible teacher creators behind them.

The coronavirus is changing the world of education & ClassTag is here to help teachers adapt to these changes. Read our article Flipped Upside Down: COVID-19 & E-Learning.


Here are our top 10 TpT picks for 2019:

Clint from Clark Creative Education

Clint is an experienced teacher, principal, and curriculum coordinator in Columbus, Ohio. He’s worked to create engaging curriculum and activities that are both rigorous and engaging to students. Clint offers some absolutely fantastic products for biology and earth sciences, as well as language arts and social studies.

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Featured Product:

Zoo Wild Leveled Reading Research Activities Presentation: a complete suite of teaching materials to help your class get wild! This all-in-one solution brings students face-to-face with our wildlife friends and teaches about conservation. 

Megan Williams from Ms. William’s Ya’ll

Megan is in her 4th year of teaching in Dallas, Texas, and has taught Science, Social Studies, and ELAR in 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grade. She loves incorporating songs and movement into her classroom and promotes student-led lessons. Megan offers products in a multitude of different subjects, and also features some great holiday/seasonal resources as well.

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Featured Product:

Rock the Test Transformation Pack: This pack has all the materials that you will need to transform your classroom into a ROCKIN’ test review! 

Corinna Gandara from Surfin’ Through Second

Corina has been teaching for 24 years, with the past 18 years in 2nd grade. She’s worked with a diverse population of learners over the years and has taught in 4 different states. She currently teaches on the island of Oahu and offers a lot of fun, surf-themed resources in a diverse range of subjects.

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Featured Product:

Surf Themed Behavior Clip Chart: This behavior chart has a surf theme and features fun terms such as Cowabunga, Nice Wave, Drop In-Warning, Wipe Out, and Beached.

Yari from Sweet Tooth Teaching

Yari is an FIU graduate currently enjoying her fifth year of teaching in Miami, Florida. She enjoys creating engaging resources and all things organization! If you check out her Instagram, you can see that she also does a lot of amazing classroom transformations.

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Featured Product:

RACES Strategy Posters: The RACES strategy is great for teaching students how to answer constructive response prompts! This cute acronym will help your students remember to cite evidence and elaborate on their answers.

Suzy from Student Savvy

Suzy has taught preschool and upper elementary students and is now a full-time TpT curriculum designer and blogger based in California. Her goal is to make the lives of all teachers easier! She has products available in almost every subject you can think of, including some specialty subjects such as health, critical thinking, and character education.

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Featured Product:

Meet the Teacher Pamphlet Brochure Template: This editable information pamphlet is great for Meet the Teacher, Open House, Back to School Night, and Curriculum Night! Includes 5 styles/themes to choose from!

Leslie Ann from La La Land

Leslie taught first grade for four years in Alabama and then moved to 5th grade Reading/Language Arts. She believes in teaching kids in a creative and fun way. Her resources range from arts and music to math and science to Spanish language and cover everything you will ever need for your classroom.

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Featured Product:

Bloom’s Taxonomy Ladders: Want to up the rigor in your classroom and get your students answering those higher-order thinking questions? Treat Questioning like a video game with these Bloom’s Ladders!

Hilary Statum from Pencils to Pigtails

Hilary just finished her 10th year of teaching. She’s taught 4th grade, 5th grade, transitional first and kindergarten, and is also the teacher of her school system’s Parent English Class. She is a mentor teacher which means she is a classroom teacher but also evaluates other teachers. She offers resources in math, science, arts, music, social studies, and English Language.

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Featured Product:

Interactive Writing Center for the Entire Year: This huge bundle includes a year’s worth of highly motivational and engaging writing activities for students from pre-k through 2nd grade as well as all of the supplies needed to create an Interactive Writing Center. 

Julieann Samayoa from Heart 2 Heart Teaching

Julieann has taught for 15 years and has experience with 2nd, 4th, and 6th grades. She currently teaches in Georgia and believes in instilling a passion for lifetime learning into her students. Julieann has over 600 resources available in her TpT store. Her social studies and science resources are her most popular units.

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Featured Product:

Life in the 13 Colonies Unit: Learning about Life in the 13 Colonies couldn’t be more fun! This pack has 20 differentiated reading passages, organizers, tri-fold brochure activity, unit tests, and so much more! 

Shelly Rees from Appletastic Learning

Shelly has spent over 20 years in the classroom, teaching mostly in the intermediate grades. Subjects she has taught include Math, Language Arts (Reading, Grammar, Spelling, and Writing), and Social Studies. She is currently living in Wyoming and has almost 20,000 teachers following her on TpT.

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Featured Product:

Maps, Continents, Landforms, Map Skills: This interactive Social Studies notebook is a wonderful tool for providing hands-on experiences for learners. It includes foldables, activities, and guide sheets, as well as a unit test.

Matt from Surviving Social Studies

Matt is entering his 20th year of teaching – all at the same middle school! He needed to create a lot of resources from scratch over the years and is happy to share what has helped him survive his own teaching journey. His resources cover every subject and over 25 different categories and resource types.

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Featured Product:

Middle School Economics Bundle: Checks, Budgets, Stocks, College, and Savings! This is a sure way to get your students excited about economics as they practice balancing budgets and learning about savings and stocks.

Teaching is hard, but you don’t have to do it alone and you certainly don’t have to reinvent the wheel day after day. Take advantage of those who have gone above and beyond with their creativity and innovation. One day perhaps you can do the same for someone else. We hope our top 10 TpT picks have helped!


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