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Teacher Appreciation Week: Meet Inspiring Companies That Support Teachers


This Teacher Appreciation Week is truly special. In the recent months, we saw teachers standing up for their rights with a loud and clear message: it’s time for teachers’ work to finally be appreciated – and valued accordingly.

We still have a long way to go, but let’s take a moment to look at the bright side. Many organizations and even for-profit corporations are stepping up and offering teachers their support. Over twenty companies got involved in our brand new ClassTag Benefits Program, contributing money for classroom supplies for thousands of ClassTag classrooms.

These businesses believe that education is one of the most important causes of our times, and we should all be doing our bit. Meet some of our amazing contributors who support our educators and their students.


Founded in 2011, littleBits is on a mission to make STEAM learning accessible and engaging, thanks to their groundbreaking STEM and coding kits.

littleBits “Educator Spotlights” series celebrates talented educators who are using littleBits to unleash creativity and 21st-century thinking in classrooms, libraries and makerspaces.

Additionally, littleBits supports  teachers offering consultations, PD sessions and a 5% educator discount across all education products, including LittleBits PD and the massive Pro Library!

This conscious clothing brand is a parent long-time favourite, but their recent #lovelearning initiative won them many fans among educators, too. #Lovelearning involves annual challenges and contests that help kids enjoy the discovery of things they never knew.

This year, Lands’ End encourages students to learn about meteorology, offering contest winner a chance to present the weather on The Weather Channel. A great opportunity to share with a curious student who loves science!


Kids Academy is on a mission to help identify and nurture the talents of kids at the earliest stage, boosting their academic abilities and giving them a head start in the world. Their technology was designed to make teachers’ lives easier with engaging learning resources: games, videos and worksheets to get unlimited practice in English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Art.

In addition to the learning app, Kids Academy offers useful tips for teachers on their blog, featuring helpful articles and worksheets for educators responsible for managing technology at school.



There are many game apps out there, but Rooplay.com stands out by its commitment to safety and educational value of the offered kids content. Rooplay has hundreds of curated educational games to bring calm and structure for kids and parents.

Featuring kids beloved characters such as Garfield, Mr. Bean, Moomin, and Mr. Men & Little Miss, Rooplay is a safe bet when it comes to enhancing your students’ learning at home.


MM Guardian is a company committed to one goal: keeping children safe.

The idea for MMGuardian came from a desire to help families tackle the risks and challenges posed by an increasing use of smartphones and tablets by kids.

Today, many tens of thousands of parents rely on MMGuardian daily to help protect their children.

ClassTag Benefits – our way to support and appreciate teachers

By teaming up with these conscious companies who sponsor our classes, ClassTag can collect additional funds for ClassTag teachers, contributing as much as $25 per month per class for essential expenses and activities.

We’re reluctant to toot our own horn, but we already raised over $20,000 for our teachers participating in ClassTag Benefits, and we’d love to be able to support more educators!

One way to appreciate a teacher you know this year is to share this funding opportunity with them. This way, they can receive extra cash for classroom expenses and avoid out-of-pocket spending. 


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