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Super 5: Back-to-School Power Moves To Turn Parents Into Partners

Back-to-School is a big transition time for everyone: teachers are rushing to their new classrooms excited to get to know their new students, parents are realizing that the summer is over and now need to move the whole family to a school routine.  What is really special about this transition is the opportunity to start new parent-teacher relationships and set the tone for the rest of the year. 

We are pleased to bring you the Super 5: Back-to-School Power Moves from our friends at Learning Heroes so that you can help parents become partners in their child’s education.

When parents and teachers work together, students succeed.  From media to vast academic research to legislators, everyone is trying to reinforce the importance of parent-teacher partnerships. What we often overlook, however, is the fact that many families don’t know what they can do to support their child’s learning. We need to provide parents with information and relevant resources in order for them to be active participants in their child’s education.

What can you do as an educator to help families be better informed?

We have done the homework and partnered with our friends at Learning Heroes to bring you the Super 5: Back-to-School Power Moves you can share with parents today! All you need to do is copy & paste 🙂


 💡 Super 5: #BackToSchool Power Messages To Send To Parents:


1. Start Smart: What should your child learn this year?

From reading to writing to arithmetic, it’s important to know what your child should be learning in school this year so you can set high expectations and support your child in meeting them. The National PTA provides an overview by grade and subject at: http://ow.ly/ti1v303NJ94

2. Support Learning Anywhere: What are the best ways you can support your child’s learning?

Cut through the clutter of the app store and get expert advice and reviews on what products will really help your child learn. Common Sense Media does the heavy lifting at: http://ow.ly/RJGV303NJdM

3. Stay Connected: Easy and quick tips for partnering with teachers

Studies show that when parents and teachers work together children are the big winners. Check out these tried-and-true strategies from GreatSchools to make sure you get off to a great start this school year: http://ow.ly/8U7R303NJgU

4. Take on Challenges: Here’s a CLUE about creating a great study space for your child

The perfect study space should be Calm, Light, Uncluttered, and Easy (CLUE) to help ensure your child is doing his/her best work. GreatSchools does their homework on how to create the best study space for your child at: http://ow.ly/Tj7C303NJl6 

5. Speak Openly: Strategies for getting more than Yes/No answers from your child

Tired of one-word answers about how your child’s day was? Mind in the Making helps you break this pattern and develop communication skills that will serve your child well throughout their life at: http://ow.ly/HyCA303NJof

Get started with these messages to parents today on ClassTag’s free and delightfully simple communication and scheduling tool and check out the full Super 5 Back-to-School Power Moves and a wealth of other easy to use resources and videos for parents and families from Learning Heroes.

Looking to share with your colleagues? We got it covered! Click on the image below or simply share this flyer.



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