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The Ultimate Teacher Summer Bucket List

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Summertime is here… raise your hand if you couldn’t be happier! Teachers, after this past school year, you’ve absolutely earned a well-deserved break. So, as you relax and reflect, here’s our question to you: What’s on your teacher bucket list for summer? Check out these awesome responses to that question and to others we asked during our #classtagchat Teacher Summer Bucket List Twitter Chat!

Updated by ClassTag Team July ’23

Q1: Share the GIF explains that how you feel about the end of June!GIF that explains how you feel about break

Here at ClassTag, we’re gearing up for an amazing ‘24 back-to-school season – while eating ice cream, enjoying the sunshine, and celebrating diversity!

Teachers Answers


Q2: What’s on your summer break bucket list this year?ClassTag teacher summer bucket list

We are making this our Summer of Joy, that’s why we are giving away freebies to our teachers every week! Head to our Summer of Joy page now to see all of our weekly surprises and join in! 

Teachers’ Answers

  • @TabHigginbotham: “Reading, doing some small home improvements, visiting our son at college”
  • @MrsWilliams_edu: “Spend time with family, Colorado to escape the heat of TX, get back to working out”
  • @EducatorHobbs: “This summer break, I am looking forward to exploring some of the nearby national parks. There is something special about immersing yourself in nature and discovering all the beauty that awaits you. I’m also planning on taking some virtual classes so I can learn a new skill.”
  • @claudiacb13: “Recovering from teaching exhaustion, doctors’ appointments, workshops and planning for next year. Then, visiting my son& daughter-in-law in August.”
  • @LynnTeaches3rd:“I love working on rubberstamping projects and I’m dabbling in quilling. Those are bucket list art activities for me since I don’t typically make time for it during the school year. This isn’t my pic, but I bought the same frame to try replicating the art.”

Q3: Have you ever volunteered during your summer break? Share your experience and any organizations you recommend.

So many to choose from, but we love participating in Habitat for Humanity with the whole family! hubs.ly/Q01VDXtd0

Any tips for fellow teachers?

We know “summer slide” is a concern for teachers and parents – so we partnered with@Adventure2Learn to host our very first #ClassTagSummerCamp! Starting June 20th parents can login to get teacher-approved activities that’ll help create lasting summer memories.

Teachers’ Answers

  • @cheri_pimath : “Not long term. I will volunteer for single day events, but I need my break to be able to go back to teaching each year.”
  • @PikeCoMsMartin: “I volunteer to teach Vacation Bible School (I do STEM experiments with students!).”
  • @embracethesor : “I just finished a volunteer presentation for my county library system!!”
  • @kindertchr808: “I volunteer to teach summer school….a whole year of teaching! However, we do help with beach clean-ups.”

Q4: How are you taking care of your mental health this summer?how CLassTag teachers take care of mental health during summer

We hope teachers are getting some well deserved rest and relaxation this summer! Looking for a great summer book? We have you covered!

Teachers’ Answers

  • @snoopyone: “I am spending a lot of time with my dog outside in the morning and reading a lot of books!”
  • @MrsOTeachesK: “Enjoying me time. Coffee in the morning. Walks in the morning or afternoon. Maybe some catching up on TV.”
  • @sbartwork24: “Lots of SELF care time. Reading, cooking, doing things that I love.”
  • @CoachHolleyT : “ I’m taking care of my mental health this summer by taking time to binge on @netflix while also taking time to do things I had not done previously including going to a food festival this past weekend”

Q5: If we had a magic wand, how could we help you prepare for a happy, healthy school year ahead?how ClassTag helps teachers prepare for the school yearWe know that #TogetherWeCan make this a happy, healthy school year – so let us know what would help YOU get your school year off on the right foot! 

Teachers Answers

  • @MissJin5th: “Snacks to fill my cupboard for my students! ”
  • @MrsOTeachesK: “If you have a magic wand… laminate and cut out all my materials for the upcoming school year!”
  • @Oggs26:“Time, celebrate successes”
  • @CoachHolleyT: “I would use my magic wand to erase all student loan debt for Ts while allowing them to go back to school to further their education at a fraction of the cost. Teachers should be able to further their education journey without going further into debt”

Q6: What are some of the supplies or tools that would make Back to School easier this year?ClassTag Supplies make back to school easier

Teachers Answers

  • @nplace1:I am thinking a lot of learning center supplies ✏️📗🖇✂️  new books 📘📗📕📙 and of course snacks 🍿🍬🧀🍎 !
  • @JessMoreland8: “Continue to provide opportunities for quick and not too heavy chats like this one! Also a vacation…if you could wave a magic wand and send me to an all inclusive resort I wouldn’t say no to that! 😂 ”
  • @CherishToday08: “STICKERS… also chocolate for after school when I am making dinner. 😂”

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