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4 Cutting Edge STEM Products Available Through ClassTag Rewards

By Samantha Hall

November 8th National STEM/STEAM Day! This is a day meant to inspire kids to explore and pursue their interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. To celebrate, we wanted to highlight some of the incredible STEM products we have on offer in our ClassTag Rewards.

With technology exponentially advancing year over year, it is no surprise that education has shifted to focus on STEM.  It is an interesting position to be in, as sometimes our students are more adept in learning about these new technologies than we are.

While we might not be as quick to learn and adapt as our curious kiddos, we can still guide their learning and provoke critical thought.  Fortunately we have some cutting edge STEM products at our disposal, with easy to use platforms. Let’s take a look at 4 that really stand out.

steam products

Tyto Online: One of the best ways students learn is through play.  Tyto Online takes the popular multiplayer online role playing platform that is popular with students and makes it science friendly.  Students can explore while conducting research using the scientific method and simultaneously learn content connected to NGSS. Kids love it so much they end up playing at home!

stem products

KiwiCo: Designed to let creativity and science come together, KiwiCo crates are a great way to get kids of all ages engaged in making and creating!  All crates include activities to engage student’s minds, while also getting them to learn how the world works around them.

stem products

National Geographic Explorer: With one of the leading names in the science education community, National Geographic is still one of the most cutting edge science education tools out there.  Moving their classic magazines to a digital platform gives kids an interactive way to look at science.

stem products

Legends of Learning:  Your student will feel like they have superpowers after they learn tough concepts, made easy with Legends of Learning’s games.  Legends of Learning’s standards aligned games help reinforce classroom learning in a fun, engaging way.

While you’re enjoying STEM/STEAM Day and all it does for education, be sure to check out our Rewards tab in ClassTag.  There are some great offers for the STEM products mentioned above, including 30 free digital subscriptions to National Geographic’s Explorer digital magazines.  That’s a $112 value (who doesn’t love free?!) Also, be sure to let us know how you are celebrating STEM/STEAM Day with your class in the comments below!

Still curious about how Rewards work? Sign up for ClassTag today and start exploring! 

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