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How to Connect with Parents During Standardized Testing

Thoughts of standardized testing are enough to send even the most seasoned teacher into a dreaded panic.  As teachers, we diligently work through the year, hoping to prepare our students for the battery of state tests they’ll be taking every spring.  All the preparation, countless lessons and hours can pale into comparison of a child’s home environment.

Learning doesn’t stop at the classroom door, and parental involvement can help tremendously, not only throughout the year, but especially during testing.

standardized testing

So you might be asking yourself: what can I do to help my student’s parents during testing season?

Give them plenty of notice.

This is obvious, but help prepare your parents by letting them know the dates their kiddo is testing.  A good way to do this is to add an Announcement within ClassTag. This is also a great time to remind them to help their child get plenty of sleep and eat a hearty breakfast! Everyone knows that brains work better with proper fuel!

Brain food.

Speaking of food, this is also a good time to request some “brain food” (aka: snacks) for the classroom! Use ClassTag to request some nutritious snacks to help students power through the day!


Remember to de-stress.  We know how stressful this time is; remind parents to help kids de-stress at home.  It is the beginning of Spring and a great time for kids to get outside for some fresh air! A family outing to the park or a local hiking trail will help students (and parents) take a break from the stress of testing!

standardized testing

Learning shouldn’t stop at school.

The best way to prepare for testing is by making memorable learning moments.  Parents can help cultivate an environment of learning by stocking their houses with books and engaging activities. Introduce ways parents can enrich their student’s learning through daily activities.  Need some ideas? Check out this great resource!

Testing is stressful.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself during this time. Proctoring is tough and tedious and many of us are nervous for our students  In some states, standardized testing will decide if a student moves to the next grade. Sometimes these tests will even determine our evaluation scores and raises. Quite a bit rides on these tests, but education and learning doesn’t depend on testing.

Creating memorable teaching moments are what matters, especially to your students.  If you remember this, you will always find success in your classroom and during standardized testing.

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