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Sharing ClassTag with Other Teachers

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With all the uncertainty with going back to school, having a strong school community that can reach EVERY parent has never been so important. Whether you go back face-to-face, remotely or a bit of both, we’re here to help you share ways to increase parent communication and school community.

You love ClassTag and how it helps you communicate with parents, now you want to share with your colleagues. Where should you start? Read on to learn more!

Claim Your School and Share with Your Administration!

Claim your school, and pull your administrator into the ClassTag world with a quick demo:

This is a great way to show them that you prioritize parent communication and involvement. Also, if your administrator is reluctant or unsure about bringing parent communication online, ClassTag’s administration access can give them the transparency they need to feel comfortable.

As you share ClassTag throughout your school, it’s a great selling-point for other teachers to see the administration’s interest. Once your communication  is established, bring in your school’s branding! This is a great opportunity to customize the page with logos and staff photos to present a polished, unified front to the families of your school (and show some school spirit!). 

Pro-tip: We’ve created a comprehensive guide to sharing ClassTag with the whole school! Full of how-to’s and best practices, this guide will get you started in no time!

Aide The Transition

While bringing ClassTag into your school community, you may be met with resistance from other teachers already established on other communication platforms. It’s very easy to aide their transition to ClassTag! Engage your colleagues in meaningful conversations about the needs of their classroom. Meet their needs by showcasing the features of ClassTag; we’ve even created a Parent, Teacher Communication App Comparison and a quick video to help start the conversation:

From scheduling to supply lists to translation, ClassTag has something to pique the interest of anyone (don’t forget Rewards)! Introduce them to the demo classroom within your profile and allow them to experiment.

After all, ClassTag is FREE and helps reach EVERY parent, what do they have to lose? 

Sharing the ClassTag Love

Teachers have enough on their plate with all the uncertainty of going back to school this year. Just as you make yourself available to parents on Back-To-School Night, extend your skills to your school during in-service time (our resources even work during remote learning!). Request a block of time either within a faculty meeting or during the professional development sessions within the early days of school. 

Presenting to your school’s faculty doesn’t have to be just adding one more thing on to your already overflowing plate. Luckily you won’t have to create new content! Sharing ClassTag is easy!

We’ve created all the tools you’ll need for a thorough, polished presentation.

Who says Professional Development has to be hard? 

Extend The Invitation

Now that you’ve shared all that ClassTag has to offer with your fellow teachers, it’s time to extend an invitation to join. Sharing ClassTag is really simple:

Click the share button, and it will give you options to either share via email or by sharing the unique link.

Pro-tip: The unique link can be shared on any social media platform and if you get a teacher on board and they create a classroom, you BOTH earn 150 coins! 

Support Your Colleagues While they Get Started

Now that you have your administration and other teachers onboard, here are some resources you can share to ensure that you go #BacktoSchoolStrong:

Pro Tip: Rock back-to-school and join us at 6PM every Thursday on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, as we help you get setup on ClassTag! Don’t worry, if you miss a session, we will have recordings ?

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What are you waiting for? Go share ClassTag!

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