ClassTag Updates / Sep 09, 2022

ClassTag Announces Partnership with TPCSA to help build vibrant, supportive school communities in Texas

Partnership Announcement Building Stronger Communities In Texas

SEPTEMBER 9, 2022 – TEXAS: ClassTag announced today its partnership with the Texas Public Charter Schools Association to bring modern communication and engagement solutions to charter schools and families in Texas. This partnership comes as Texas schools face one of the most challenging education climates in recent memory. 

“Polarization. School shootings. Freak weather events. These are just a few of the reasons Texas parents are more concerned than ever to send their kids to school,” says Karessa Parish, Texas charter school parent and Strategic Partnerships Manager at ClassTag. “In this climate, building trust with parents is crucial. ClassTag will help our schools do that.”

ClassTag’s communication platform is designed to make it easy for educators to get 100% of families involved in their child’s education. Caregivers can receive district, school, and classroom communications via email, text message, phone call, or app notification. All communications are automatically translated into the user’s preferred language, allowing for easy back-and-forth communication between all stakeholders. 

“ClassTag is our number one way to communicate. It’s so easy to reach all of our families [in their preferred language and channel]” says Student Recruitment Coordinator of Harmony Public Schools.  “Parents feel at ease knowing they can reach teachers, admin, and any staff with just one click.”

“ClassTag has allowed us to communicate with caregivers in a more meaningful way and connect as a community,” says Maribel Rodriguez of The Gathering Place in San Antonio.

Since adopting ClassTag, schools have seen an average increase of 42% in family engagement. These gains have been instrumental towards positioning districts and schools as trusted pillars of their communities.

“We’re excited to become a TPCSA solution provider, so we can help their schools position themselves as the go-to choice for Texas families looking for quality education for their children,” says Vlada Lotkina, CEO of ClassTag. “We’re united in a mission to make positive change in Texas education, and can’t wait to partner with your school to do so.”


About ClassTag Connect

ClassTag Connect is a unified family communication and engagement platform for teachers, schools, and districts. ClassTag helps foster strong school-family partnerships through delightful and equitable mass communications and two-way messaging in each member’s preferred language and channel. Caregivers can become more active in their child’s education by signing up to volunteer, donate, or schedule a parent-teacher conference. School leaders gain insights through communication and engagement analytics, including read rates and reachability – empowering them to take action in connecting with all families. 

ClassTag is designed to be inviting, intuitive, and budget-friendly so you can spend less time on the logistics, and more time building relationships.

Learn more at: or email You can also meet company representatives at the upcoming Texas Public Charter School Conference in San Antonio.

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