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5 Quick and Impactful Mother’s Day Activities

What better way is there to encourage parent involvement and support than through celebrating parents themselves? Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to tell mothers and mother figures that they are appreciated, and in a way that is fun and engaging for students

Hundreds of teachers are sticking to making Mother’s Day cards with their students, and while they are always a safe bet, there are many more educational and impactful ways to celebrate moms. We scouted several dozens of blogs and publications to put together five best Mother’s Day activities that will ensure that moms feel the love on their special day, that are still simple enough to implement with only a few days before Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Flowers

Give mom “flowers”: Every mom loves to get flowers, give her some that will last forever for Mother’s Day! There are so many ways to make beautiful flowers that moms can always have with inexpensive, easy to obtain materials. You can make great flowers with egg cartons, q tips or water bottles! With younger children, use handprints to make “flowers” on a piece of paper that can be cut out and put into a flower pot. There are so many options!

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day tea party: What better way to celebrate moms than to invite them for a special party? Have students create invitations to give to mom to invite them to a tea party the Friday before Mother’s Day. Students can give their moms their Mother’s Day gifts and enjoy some tea and treats. Check out Kinder Craze post to see how one kindergarten class did a Mother’s Day tea party.

Mother's Day Photo frame

Photo frames: Moms love to see photos of their children. Create a photo frame out of a posterboard to create a special Mother’s Day photo that will last a lifetime, or take a photo with a fun background like the one here. Have students make colorful frames out of popsicle sticks for their pictures to bring home to mom!

Mother's Day Bookmarks

Mother’s Day bookmarks: So moms can think of their children every time they open their favorite book! Take pictures of your students that can be laminated and attached to a piece of a string. Flipping for First blog shows how to make this easy gift for mom while encouraging students to read.

Mother's Day Cookbook

Mother’s Day cookbook: Students love their mom’s meals! Moms are always looking for ways to expand what their child eats. And what is a better way to do so than to collect the favorite things that classmates eat in one cookbook. This activity is meaningful for moms, but doesn’t require much time for teachers or students. It’s a win-win! Have students fill out a worksheet (with your help as needed) with their favorite meal, and explain why they love it. Compile all of the recipes together and make a book to send home for mom. Fourth & Ten blog has great examples of worksheets to help put together your class’s cookbook.


Mother’s Day can be a learning opportunity for students as well as a way for teachers to show moms that they are appreciated in the classroom. When parents feel that they are appreciated, they are much more likely to engage with teachers and be involved in their child’s school!

We hope that these five ideas make your Mother’s Day planning easier, and the ClassTag team hopes you all have a happy Mother’s Day. How are you going to celebrate Mother’s Day in your classroom? Let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to sign up for our weekly updates and tips and share the ideas with your colleagues.

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