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Reflect and Celebrate on #MakeitHappenMoments from SY18-19

We’re on the homestretch of the school year! May is one of those wonderful transition months where we begin dreaming of summer vacation, beaches, and spending time with our family and friends. Yet, there are still more things to learn – an important lesson for all of us, including our students, is the lesson of self-reflection and celebration.

During Teacher Appreciation Week, we invite you to celebrate your classroom’s #MakeitHappenMoments with a fun classroom project designed to spark reflection for all ages. Our teacher-in-residence, Sam Hall, has developed a quick lesson plan to guide you through it, and we have jazzy printables to make it extra special, including a poster and student worksheets – scroll down to download everything you need.

What exactly is a “make it happen moment” anyway? Glad you asked 🙂 Essentially, this is any moment that occurred in your classroom where you, your class, or your classroom parents had a breakthrough – think lightbulb moments, emotional impact, shivers on your arms because it’s so delightful. You know those moments – where a student’s eyes light up and it all clicks; sending them into a whirlwind of questions, curiosity and excitement. It makes every ounce of coffee and every minute of lost sleep worth it!

So join us, your fellow teachers, and all your wonderful, bright, young students in celebrating the #MakeitHappenMoments of the year, and as always, we appreciate everything you do!

Make It Happen Lesson Plan – all the details for the classroom project

Make It Happen Poster – this is the centerpiece of the project, download and print

Make It Happen Student Worksheets – download and print for each student

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