For Parents / May 12, 2020

#MakeItCount Challenges

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Learning doesn’t have to stop during the summer! As we near the end of the school year,  this is the perfect time to support parents with additional learning opportunities.  Summers are a wonderful time for families to build memories and skills through projects. Through project-based learning, learning life skills can help a child become well rounded and strengthen family ties. 

Suggesting activities or challenges at home sounds great, but looking for additional content and resources can be time consuming.  We’ve done the hard work and partnered with  familiar house-hold brands to bridge the gap between home and school!

Have parents get involved in our #MakeItCount challenges for an opportunity to win fun prizes, and have fun with their child!  Even if the prizes have been given, you can still challenge parents to participate and post pictures within ClassTag!

Each challenge has 3-4 fun-packed family activities.  Click on the challenges to learn more!

L’il Critters Nutrition Challenge (May 11 – May 17)

This challenge will send your families to far-away places and give kids a chance to explore! Invite families to participate on an exploration to learn where fruits come from, and how they can provide important vitamins and minerals to help us grow strong! Note: Families can still participate during this challenge! Drop this link: [] in an announcement within ClassTag and have them learn more about how they can win prizes!

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ARM & HAMMER baking soda Mother’s Day Challenge:

Appreciating mom and having family time can be done anytime in the year! Challenge your families to spend time together, making a beautiful mess with art and baking.  Memories will be made and the pictures will last a lifetime!


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ARM & HAMMER™ baking soda DIY Science Challenge: 

Have parents and kids grab their imagination and curiosity for this fun, at home science challenge! Using simple to find ingredients, families will use science to have ping-pong ball races, create magic balloons and much more!



Summer is the perfect time to invite families to spend time with each other and learn! For more great ideas, have parents visit ClassTag’s Parent Resource Center!





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