Classroom Supplies and Tools / Nov 15, 2023

How To Share ClassTag Connect With School Leaders And Administrators

Engage Families with ClassTag Connect

Do you love ClassTag? Get your whole school on ClassTag Connect. Parents and staff are great influencers when it comes to school-wide decisions. Share your love for ClassTag with your school leader!

We so appreciate the help spreading the word! To make it easier, we’ve created a short video and flyer that can be used as a conversation starter about ClassTag. 

1. Video Demo To Share

2. Overview Flyer To Share

3. Comparison Flyer To Share

4. Invite your School Leader To ClassTag

If you are a ClassTag teacher, invite your school leader to experience ClassTag for themselves and see it in action!  Refer to this help article for the steps.

Are you a school or district leader ready for a free demo?


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