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How to Purchase School Supplies Smartly and Efficiently​

You’ve done your budgeting and you’re ready to purchase! Don’t be overwhelmed – we’re here to help! Shopping for school supplies can be a ton of fun and it doesn’t have to break the bank. We’ve done the research for you and are about to share some savings hacks that you can use when doing your back-to-school OR mid-year restock shopping.

Before you begin, be sure to check online for any applicable coupons or sales. Also, be sure you know which stores offer teachers discounts. For example, both Michael’s and JoAnn Fabric offer a 15% off teacher discount. Barnes & Noble offers 20% off books purchased for the classroom and during the month of August, and on Saturdays and Sundays, they offer additional discounts for those with the Educator Card.

Ordering/Shopping Online

Shopping In-Store

A Quick Note About Storage

As you are collecting your school items, it is important to consider where you will store your supplies until the school year starts. Like your shopping methods, there are pros and cons to storing these items at school or in your home. It is essential that you make this process work for you. A couple of ideas to consider when it comes to storage:

  • Are you able to access the school during the summer?
  • Will storing these items at home affect your personal life?
  • What do you store these supplies in (i.e. tubs or containers)? Will that affect their quality when it’s time to set them up in your classroom?
  • Do you have transportation to get all of your supplies to the school from your home?

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