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How to Host a Perfect Back-To-School Night for Parents

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We know the start of the school year can be such a stressful time for teachers. You’re transitioning from relaxing summer days back into the hustle and bustle of a brand new class. Not only are you responsible for bonding with your students and planning for their unique academic needs, but so much scheduling and paperwork falls into your lap as well. ClassTag can help with that! You can ease your move into your new school year by connecting with your families. The platform is completely free and user-friendly, but first, you need to get your parents there, and your Back-To-School Night is just the time to do that!

When more parents connect to ClassTag on Back-To-School Night, teachers feel successful and engaged and stay active longer. The same is true for your parents. Back-To-School Night is the first step into a year-long relationship you are going to have with the families of your children, and connecting with ClassTag on night one will help you put your best foot forward.



Pro-tip: ClassTag’s “smart messaging” automatically converts your notes into the preferred language and format for every parent (email, SMS, or flyer). Come be smart with us!


Follow these classroom tips with your families on Back-To-School Night to ensure you are 100% connected through ClassTag:

Load Content

To invest in the new ClassTag platform, the first thing parents need to see is that you are committed as well. Before you connect your families, load the content they want to see! The last thing you want is to have them log on to an empty profile. Let their child greet them when they get there! 

Kids Having Fun Watching An Experiment At A Science Centre

Showcase all that you have been working on in the first few days of school, create a welcome message, and highlight your background as a teacher! Even if your Back-To-School Night falls before the start of school, you can preview what their child has to look forward to in their new grade level. 

Meet Them Where They Are

Learning At Home

One of the many great things about communicating with families on ClassTag is that they can choose how they receive their content, so show them that! Meet them where where they are when they walk through the door.

Print off your parent codes and have them ready. When they enter your classroom, use their device to download ClassTag and get them connected right there. Show parents how to check ClassTag announcements through the site, email, texts, or push notifications. Parents will be more eager to interact with the system if it’s on their terms, so show them how to make their ClassTag unique to the needs of their family.

Host a Tutorial

Trying to greet everyone as they visit your room, connect them to ClassTag on their devices, and instruct them on how to use the platform can be an overwhelming process, even when you’re well prepared. If your schedule allows, designate a time on Back-To-School Night for a ClassTag tutorial. Send a postcard invitation home welcoming families to your room and invite them to bring their device to an in-person tutorial mid-way through the evening. It will give you time to mingle and get parents connected and comfortable before they dive into the content.

Pro-tip: As for your presentation, there’s no need to start from scratch! ClassTag has ready-made resources that are perfect for your interactive whiteboard! Click to read What Can I Do As A Parent On ClassTag.

Personalize The Experience

White Chat Bubble With Wooden Stick On Blue BackgroundTo truly make ClassTag successful, don’t end your Back-To-School Night as your parents walk out the door. Follow up with your newly-connected families through a private, personalized message. Not only will this show them that you care, but it will open the door for the private messaging feature of ClassTag, which you want them to be comfortable with immediately.

In your chat window, thank them for attending and attach a photo from the night with their child. When you get the kids excited about ClassTag, it will motivate your parents to stay involved as well.

It’s easy to be swept away in the start of the new school year. It’s so important to slow down and create memorable moments with your students to commemorate this milestone in their lives. ClassTag can help you log those memories and lay the foundation for a strong, engaged school year.

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