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How to Earn Extra Money as a Teacher​

Money certainly isn’t everything, but when you can comfortably budget and spend on supplies for your classroom, you can bring a significant amount of peace to the wallet and the mind. If you can’t find enough funding or you’re struggling to reduce your classroom expenses, you may be looking to acquire an additional source of income. Here are a couple of different ways that teachers can earn extra money to help meet their financial needs.

Earning Tip: As a teacher, you are likely already exceeding the hours of a typical work week. When considering taking on a second source of income, make sure you work through the pros and cons of taking on more work and how it will affect your personal life. With the right time management, you can achieve at lot! 

UpWork – An Introduction to Freelancing

Do you have a passion for writing? A ‘good-eye’ for grammar? Do you enjoy taking surveys? Are you interested in pursuing a remote side-job? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, look into the platform Upwork. Upwork is a freelance site that has tons of jobs posted to it daily, giving people the opportunity to work from home while honing in on their talents and skills. If you scroll through the headings on the homepage, you will learn more about what Upwork offers and provides.

As a freelancer, you will get to set your hourly rate, create a profile listing your skills, provide written work of your own and include your resume if you wish. Upwork works two ways: either you, the freelancer, can apply for a specific job that interests you, or the company or person that posted the job may invite you to apply for the job, depending on your posted skill set. ​​


Online Tutoring​

If you are passionate about teaching children, you have what it takes to become an online tutor. Resources like Qkids and VIPKID​ are two that currently focus on teaching and tutoring Chinese students. Both sources are passionate about providing students with an opportunity for learning, empowerment, engagement, and excitement. Both Qkids and VIPKID are flexible with their hours, have lessons already created, and have thousands of students in need of a passionate teacher.

Like QKids and VIPKID, your passion for teaching and helping students learn is also a necessity for Wyzant. This extra source of income is unique, as you essentially get matched with a students based on your profile, your skills, and your content. ​With Wyzant you get to set your schedule and you have the option to tutor online or in person. You also get to set your hourly rate.


Selling Your Resources​

TeachersPayTeachers is an excellent way to make some extra money for what you love to do: create, teach, and share your resources! One of the many conveniences of TeachersPayTeachers is that you get to determine how much content you put out there. You also get to determine the prices of your resources. There are a handful of bloggers​ out there who have offered their wisdom on tips for selling on TpT based on their experience, so we recommend doing the research before starting!


Earning Tip: It’s time to get creative! There are so many ways to earn extra money as a teacher, and this article​ outlines some fantastic ideas. Now, we all hope that the day will come soon that our career as a teacher will no longer require any supplementary income – but for now we need to do what we have to do! Choose something that works for your lifestyle and financial requirements.​​​


What’s most important about your extra income is that it fits your needs. You work so hard at being a full-time teacher. Even during the summer, whether you’re relaxing,  rejuvenating, or restructuring your curriculum, you’re likely to be thinking about what best suits your students’ needs. Taking on part-time work to generate extra income should be fulfilling and manageable.

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