App Comparisons / Mar 04, 2017

How ClassTag can replace ClassDojo and Remind


We’ve recently talked about the most popular communication channels teachers use to reach parents (our review covers 8!) Our comparison shows how difficult it is to find a tool that “does it all”. Even when you’re using an app, it’s very likely that some parents can only be reached by phone or with a paper note.

It all gets even more complex when multiple web apps are involved. There are many educators who use ClassDojo and /or Remind together with Signup Genius or other sign-up system with great success, but they run into one common problem. Switching between systems can take a toll on precious teaching time and teacher’s ability to improve parent reach and involvement. Tools such as ClassDojo and Remind are may well be the best in their respective categories, but as teachers often point out, they lack a holistic approach and have to be accompanied by another tool.

Let’s not forget that the best tool is one that parents will actually use. Many parents are not very tech savvy and  find navigating a new system challenging. It’s difficult enough to get every parent to sign up and actively use a selected app, not to mention justifying why they should stay on top of multiple tools! This is the exact challenge experienced by teachers using both communication and scheduling apps. Relying on communication-only apps to share messages and then using another tool for critical parent teacher conference sign-ups or volunteer opportunities often leads to less-than-desirable participation and disappointing results.

ClassTag was created using the feedback of teachers who used both ClassDojo and Remind and wanted to simplify their communication. Both apps had features they loved, but they wished they could manage their messaging AND scheduling in one solution.

Here is a comparison of the main features of ClassTag, ClassDojo and Remind.

As you can see, ClassTag offers a complete parent-teacher communication solution, plus some unique, researched-based functionality not available anywhere else! Are you ready to give it a try?

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