Classroom Insights / Jul 10, 2019

Why I joined ClassTag – from one of the first teacher users to ClassTag School Success Director

Danielle New

Hello fellow educators!

My name is Danielle and I have recently joined the innovative and dedicated ClassTag team!  Just a few years ago I had the opportunity to be one of the very first ClassTag users. With limited resources given to me from my school leadership to build a classroom community, I felt timid about interacting with families.  Many families didn’t even have internet or speak fluent English, which made it even more difficult. Not only did ClassTag help me communicate with families, but it also showed me the benefits of having a close-knit community and why it was so important to the success of my students. 

I have used ClassTag during my 5 years of teaching elementary school in both NYC Charter Schools and Chicago Public Schools. When I accepted the role of Assistant Principal for the 2017-2018 SY, my whole school started to use ClassTag and it was magical. I set up all the classrooms in my school, held PD sessions with my teachers and supported them as needed throughout the year.  I was astounded by how much more efficient and strong communication became between all parties in my school.

I have seen ClassTag develop into the masterpiece it is today and I believe it has transformed through the educator community that dedicates time sharing their success stories using ClassTag and promoting this amazing platform with other educators. Now that I am apart of the team, I am committed to finding like-minded educators who want to take the driver seat in their school and strengthen parent communication and engagement through using ClassTag.

Sure I will miss teaching, but it is with you all, the ClassTag champions and educators, that we can make students more successful, parents happier and our jobs a little easier. Excited to support you as you support the next generation!

~ Danielle

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