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Cultivating a Curious Classroom with ClassTag Rewards

As educators we are always learning.  Learning new methods, curriculums and most importantly, learning about our students.  The thing they don’t tell you when you become a teacher is that first and foremost, you’re a student too; a student with a love for learning.

In the midst of standards, assessments and benchmarks, our real job as teachers is to cultivate a classroom environment where curiosity is rewarded.  Curiosity will drive a love for learning that will do more for a student than any one standard or curriculum. With the focus on rapidly advancing and increased use of technology in our lives, it comes as no surprise that there has been a shift in education to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics).

Quality products and resources in the STEAM disciplines can be tough to find and often are expensive. Even with the shift in focus going to STEAM, it can still be hard to properly supply a classroom with supplies and tools.  That’s where ClassTag comes in.

With our new Rewards Program, ClassTag has introduced free, exclusive discounts and trials of quality STEAM supplies and education technology. Let’s take a look:

Tyto Online: One way to inspire curiosity is through gameplay.  Tyto Online is a massive multiplayer game where students fill the role of scientists who are completing experiments through quests.  Every quest is NGSS aligned and created to support learning already taking place in the classroom.

KiwiCo.:  KiwiCo. crates come with hands-on science or art projects which always incorporate education, creativity, and fun! Tailored to different age groups, KiwiCo’s crates are a great way to unleash the inner artist and scientist in every kid!

Storyboard That: A great tool to help students create visuals, graphic organizers, comics, stories, and slides, Storyboard That makes learning fun, artistic and easy.

Legends of Learning: Hosting a comprehensive library of science (NGSS and TEKS) based activities and games, Legends of Learning is a proven elementary and middle school favorite!

Amazon: Have you ever wanted to see a caterpillar turn into a butterfly? Or have you ever needed manipulatives in the classroom, but found them to be too pricey?  ClassTag has a number of great Amazon offers that help fit the STEAM needs in your classroom.

If you’re still curious how you can earn ClassTag Coins, check out this help article. Remember, the more engaged your parents are in the classroom, the easier it is to earn coins and exclusive Rewards.  In the meantime don’t forget to hit the “Share ClassTag” button to refer a teacher. You’ll both get 150 ClassTag Coins! Hopefully you’ll find a Rewards offer that makes it just a little easier to cultivate a classroom full of curious students.

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