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How ClassTag Can Help Your School Prepare For Unexpected Closures

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The coronavirus is on everyone’s mind. With over 100K cases worldwide and more numbers reported daily in the United States, it is becoming clear that schools need to prepare for potential shutdowns for prolonged periods.

We all hope the virus will have a mild impact or can be quickly contained. However, we have already seen some schools close as a precaution and teachers contacting us to share how they are using ClassTag during the closures.

Like this Teacher who is using ClassTag to send virtual lessons and assignments:

Coronavirus (2)

So, we want to offer our best practices and critical support schools need right now in the wake of Coronavirus.

But before we began:

If you are not yet using ClassTag schoolwide and want to inquire about getting it set up immediately with our help, please call our special hotline 914-200-3569 or email This is a free special service we made available understanding the critical importance of fast response in many communities. You can also and sign up or invite your colleagues here.

5 best practices for engaging families in the wake of Coronavirus

1. Keep families informed

Use ClassTag’s announcements to reach all families across all communication channels (email, SMS, in-app) and in their preferred language so everyone can receive and understand key communications from the school.

2. Post assignments and resources for parents to engage children at home

Leverage ClassTag’s events to post assignments and links for parents and children to use at home. It is great to break them up by day so there is a lesson plan for the child even if they has more independent work as usual.

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3. Hold virtual lessons

With ClassTag, not only can you attach files, but you can also leverage free video conferencing tools like Google Hangouts and Zoom to teach lessons from home. Create an event in ClassTag with a link to your video conference. Parents can RSVP, noting their student will be attending the virtual meet-up.

Classtag School Wide 2

4. Allow parents to communicate and support each other

You can do so by allowing comments on the announcements you send or allowing group messaging in the app.

Classtag School Wide

5. Help children have fun while going through this difficult experience

Be creative and think of ways you can bring joy to students and parents during this difficult time. For example, you could hold contests for the best picture and have parents upload the pictures to ClassTag’s photo tab or via group messenger.

Classtag School Wide 3


We hope your school is not affected, but if you want to prepare for unexpected closures and are not yet using ClassTag schoolwide – call our special hotline 914-200-3569 or email

We will personally help you set up free school-wide communication with ClassTag in under 48 hours.

And finally, if you are a parent or teacher please help us reach school leaders with this offer by sharing this blog post.

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