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How to Connect with 100% of Parents on ClassTag

In our ClassTag Educators’ Lounge on Facebook, one of our users asked:

Hi! Looking for tips for parent involvement. I am only at 58% families connected. I have sent home multiple parent direction with codes home. Anyone have anything that works well for them? – Colleen S.

The responses shared from other users offered some really great tips! We wanted to share these with our present and future ClassTag users. Take at look at what they had to say:

“Add them manually. Then every time you post it sends them an alert telling them you posted. At least they will see that they are missing out on a lot of things and hopefully sign up after that.” – Amy B

I went in and added phone numbers last year at that point – worked very well.” – Elizabeth G.

Give the students a free homework pass if they get their parents to sign up!” – Melissa R. E.

I sent a note home that parents had to sign if they wanted to see what their child was learning. Then I also put in that note if they had trouble signing up to put their cell phone number and I’d add them. I’m at 100%!” – Crystal D.

I used the parent information that they filled out for me so that I could contact them and sent it that way with their email address. Then they could accept or decline. Now I have 100%!” – Heather W.

“I first sent out the flyers ClassTag offers. Once you enter your kids it creates flyers for you. Then for the parents I didn’t get signed up that way, I sent a note that only gave them the option for me to add them via their phone number.” – Crystal D.

“At Back to School Night I take my phone and go around parents with my class directory page in edit mode, so that I can add their e-mails and/or cell phone numbers or check in if they have questions right on the spot! With ClassTag parents start getting e-mails even before then join, so I want to get them in the system quickly.” – Katherine

“Set up a few announcements and events on ClassTag before Back to School Night so that when they sign up they are welcomed and they have a few easy things to do or look at to get comfortable.” – Mrs. Waller

Still struggling with getting parents connected on ClassTag? Click here for a few handy materials including a presentation and an information flyer for parents about ClassTag which might help to motivate them!

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