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ClassTag Stories: How Bridget Utilized Technology To Connect Parents with Her Classroom

Gone are the days of mountains of paperwork and chasing down forgotten forms! At least, they are for Bridget Roberts.

I was sending home so much paperwork. Parents are busy, their lives are busy. I used to send home a parent communicator folder and I would get it back and papers would get lost or not filled out at all. – Bridget

Bridget is a preschool teacher at St. Marys Catholic Elementary School, Pennsylvania. This school year Bridget made the decision to try something totally new to her – a digital parent communication app called ClassTag.

I love what I do. I’ve been doing it for 23 years. I enjoy it and I learn something new every year. I feel that even being a veteran teacher, there is still so much to learn. Having this new tool, ClassTag, opened up a whole new world. – Bridget

Bridget has always been very confident in saying that she has a good rapport with her preschool parents. She gets positive feedback year after year.

It is so important to form a strong connection with parents, especially in preschool. You are the very first educator for their child and they may not be ready to cut that cord yet. – Bridget

By switching from a paper-based communication method to a digital communication platform, Bridget learned how to utilize technology to further improve this connection.

Let’s face it, technology is the way the world runs right now. Sending out instant communication via technology is a win-win. It makes all of our lives easier. – Bridget

Bridget loves that she can use ClassTag on her laptop, iPad, or her iPhone – whatever is easier for her in the moment. It’s convenient and saves her a ton of time.

The biggest piece of feedback that she has received is about the photos. Parents love when she takes photos of the class and shares them on the app. It’s their favorite feature.

I’ve enjoyed my first year with ClassTag!!! It was an amazing tool! Thank you for all you have done to get me going with it and all the questions I might have had during the year. It is by far the best form of communication with parents. – Bridget

So, how did Bridget learn about this fantastic tool?

One of the other preschool teachers started using ClassTag this year and she was the one that told me about it. I was looking for a tool that was user-friendly and was going to be worth it for myself and the parents. I have since let my other colleagues know how much easier it is and what a great tool it is. – Bridget

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