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ClassTag Awards $10,000 Community Engagement Grant

Community Engagement Grant

The Community Engagement Grant recognizes US school districts for the most creative ways of engaging their community  during the 2021 – 2022 school year 

August 1, 2022 – NEW YORK: As schools and families prepare for back-to-school,  ClassTag is announcing the winning district of its  Community Engagement Grant, which received $10,000 in funding. 

Since launching The Community Engagement Grant in June 2022, ClassTag has received 65 passionate, compelling submissions on how school districts across the country have emerged out of the pandemic to build trust and strong relationships with their community.  As part of the application, leaders were asked to share the creative ways they have engaged their community and the impact this additional funding can have. Initiatives shared as part of the applications offer diverse and creative perspectives on how to tackle the most pressing issues facing school communities across the country, however, the opportunities remain consistent and span across the following five areas: 

  • Equity and Accessibility
  • Social Emotional Learning and Mental Health 
  • Family Education Programs
  • Partnerships with Local Organizations and Businesses
  • A Unified Communication System 

After much deliberation, the ClassTag team has selected the winner – Lexington City Schools, a suburban district in North Carolina serving over three thousand students. 

“We are impressed by the commitment to equity by Lexington City Schools and their creative Jacket Parent Academy Program (JPA), providing a systematic approach to parent education and community partnership to combat learning loss, extensive achievement gaps, and building a safe, welcoming environment where every family can thrive. The academy has a monthly schedule of classes, a graduation ceremony, and special volunteer and community engagement initiatives uniting local organizations and all the members,” says Vlada Lotkina, co-founder and CEO of ClassTag. 

The grant funding will be used to further advance the marketing, resources, and incentives for the Jacket Parent Academy, as well as towards developing JPA as a prototype for other districts. 

Lexington City Schools - Jacket Parent AcademyLexington City Schools - Jacket Parent Academy

Photo credit: Lexington City Schools – Jacket Parent Academy

Community engagement is a key area that requires investment as schools emerge out of the pandemic to build trust and strong relationships with their community. “I am so honored to be able to receive this great donation on behalf of Lexington City Schools’ Jacket Parent Academy. This generous donation will continue to help the Jacket Parent Academy execute the mission of increasing and empowering parent and community involvement to help secure the academic success of our students,” says Dr. Kasey Wilkie, Community Engagement Coordinator for Lexington City Schools.

ClassTag is excited to share some of the most outstanding stories and best practices in district community engagement. In an “Ideas Bank” format, you can find “Building a Thriving Community: Creative Ideas Bank” for download. 

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