ClassTag Connect / Nov 16, 2020

ClassTag Connect Schools and Districts

ClassTag Connect Schools and Districts

COVID has brought a new set of challenges. Not physically seeing students and families, managing school closures, and handling different teaching models has made community-building difficult. The need to connect schools and districts to their parent community became increasingly important. 

That’s why we build ClassTag Connect. ClassTag Connect is an all-in-one engagement platform that helps schools build thriving communities from classroom to district and engage all parents using actionable insights and accessibility across languages and channels.

We are excited to welcome the following forward-looking leaders and their communities on board to build stronger communities and bring their parent engagement to the next level with ClassTag Connect.

Cashmere Wide (1)

Hardee Middle Wide (1)

Hardeeville Wide (1)

Je Holmes Wide (1)

Locustgrove Wide (1)

Classtag Connect Launch Wide Bleckley (1)

Classtag Connect Launch Wide Mayfair (1)

Classtag Connect Launch Wide (5) (1)

Classtag Connect Launch Wide Howard (1)

Classtag Connect Launch Square Weathersbee (2)

Classtag Connect Launch Wide Ventana

Classtag Connect Launch Wide Lamar

Classtag Connect Launch Wide Manchester

Classtag Connect Launch Wide Orange

Classtag Connect Launch Wide Baton Rouge (1)

Classtag Connect Launch Wide Emerson (1)

Classtag Connect Launch Wide Hayden Valley (1)

Classtag Connect Launch Wide Southside (1)

Classtag Connect Launch Wide Hayden Valley (1)


Want to learn how you can improve your district’s parent-engagement with ClassTag Connect? 

Classtag Connect Cta For Blog 02 (1)




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