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Classroom Set-Up Inspiration from ClassTag Rewards

By Samantha Hall

Designing, stocking and decorating a classroom is truly a labor of love.  Before students even walk through your door you’ve probably spent hours agonizing over every little detail. Seating alone can cause hours worth of discussion, nevermind the amount of analysis done in academic papers written on the topic.  I digress.

Either way, as teachers, we are proud of the space we set up for the year.  We care that our students have a positive learning environment. I personally love seeing completed classrooms and really loved that ClassTag encouraged teachers to share pics of their classrooms on Facebook (a little humble bragging never hurt anyone).

Look no further for some inspirational class setups!

Brenda Mashiotta

Connie Jacobs

Merri Ronquillo

Carey Coquat

Kristin Fox

Cassie Weilmuenster

Carol Welte Spillman

Kathleen Emily

Providing a comfortable space doesn’t come cheap.  Many of us spend our own money to make our rooms look amazing.  Adding enriching activities and physical supplies to the classroom can be expensive.  That’s where ClassTag comes in with some fantastic tangible Rewards.

If you’re unfamiliar with the new Rewards program, it helps teachers get free and discounted school supplies and edtech products.  Take a look here.


Amazon: Everyone’s favorite one stop shop!  The Rewards offered by ClassTag from Amazon are every teacher’s dream.  From necessary consumables to fun enrichment activities, there are rewards for every classroom.  Come winter I know I’ll be thankful for the extra Lysol wipes and Kleenex.


Yoobi (20% off supplies): Providing everything from crafting materials to classroom basics, Yoobi’s take on supplies is funky and smart.  Their supplies will be a fun and colorful addition to every classroom.


KiwiCo. (25% off): Popular with families, KiwiCo offers STEM kits, encouraging kids to learn about the world around them through building and creating.  Their science and art kits are a welcome activity in all classrooms!


Adventure to Fitness (2 months free): While not a physical item, Adventure to Fitness will get your kids excited about exercising in your classroom space!  Adventure to Fitness ties in learning with physical activity, helping kids improve their focus while having fun!

Starting out with a welcoming classroom is foundational to a great year and (since it is coming up quick) Open House.  Hopefully your year is underway and has been stress-free!

Until next week!


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