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ClassTag Stories: How Danielle Turned Angry Parents into Loyal Supporters

The Challenge

Danielle Fugazzi is a first-grade teacher at her school in New York. Danielle sees parents are the first and most important educators for their kids, but until last year, engaging families and parent communication used to be a major challenge.

Despite her best efforts and trying different channels, some parents were still not responsive. Tensions began to build up as parents missed class parties and students would turn up unprepared, even after receiving multiple reminders.

I had parents who complained about not being informed and wanting more information, even though it was sent out. – Danielle

The Transformation

Danielle tested multiple communication tools, but they either created more work for her, or were too complex to use and ended up being ignored by parents. ClassTag turned out to be the best solution to effectively connect her classroom community.

All of the families signed up within days and Danielle was able to switch to ClassTag for all essential communications. She keeps parents informed about what is going on in the classroom and in the building using the Announcements and Events functionality. Having an easy access to all volunteering opportunities, parents became more willing to donate their time and talents.

Danielle built a close-knit community and kept her communications organized with a system that consistently delivers great parent engagement.

It’s truly transformational. A “must have” tool for every teacher. I have never seen this level of parent support before! – Danielle

The Results

 98% of parents reached weekly

 100% volunteer slots filled

 100+ activities organized

 50+ announcements sent


parent communication Now I feel like a better parent. I always know what is going on and it is so easy to get involved. – Tiffany, a parent in Danielle’s class


ClassTag is the free, easy-to-use parent communication platform that lets teachers effortlessly engage with parents and earn ClassTag Coins when parents and teachers communicate, volunteer, or attend school events like parent teacher conferences. Now teachers can not only improve parent engagement, but get much needed supplies while doing so. Explore ClassTag today!

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