ClassTag Updates / Nov 17, 2020

CEO Update: Better Connect Your District with ClassTag Connect

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Today marks a special day for us at ClassTag. Five years ago, as a parent myself, tackling school communication, I started ClassTag to help parents become partners in their kids’ education. We have built a great and free parent engagement solution to help millions of parents, teachers, and leaders make it happen. New COVID challenges call for new solutions. So today, I am excited to announce the launch of ClassTag Connect; expanding on the original vision of parent and teacher partnership to help schools and districts build meaningful and effective community engagement at every level.

What is ClassTag Connect?

ClassTag Connect is an all-in-one engagement platform that helps schools build thriving communities from classroom to district and engage all parents using actionable insights and accessibility across languages and channels. 

As an administrator, you will be able to achieve clarity about the state of parent engagement through actionable reports. Engage parents in a meaningful way with district, school, and classroom announcements, events, direct 2-way communication, virtual parent-teacher conferences, and more.

As a teacher, you will not have to worry about onboarding new families with automated roster syncing. And you’ll be better connected with your colleagues and Google tools, with teacher-teacher messaging and our magic messenger extension for Google Classroom!

As a parent, you will be able to use one platform for all communications, receive messages in your preferred language and method (SMS, email, app, web, or even paper), and get timely reminders to ensure you are always on track. 

Why now?

Parent engagement is now essential to student engagement and student success. 

COVID has brought a new set of challenges. Not physically seeing students and families, managing school closures, and handling different teaching models has made community-building difficult. 

This time demands new solutions that provide a unified platform for effective community engagement and transparency about what works and what needs improvement so that every student can succeed. 

What results can schools and districts accomplish?

We know that now, more than ever, there is more at stake when introducing a new solution; that is why we have set the bar high in delivering tangible results.

We are thrilled to share that our survey of over 1000 parent users shows outstanding results since implementing ClassTag vs. other communication methods:

  • 65% of parents report improvement in the quality of parent communication 
  • 61% of parents find communications to be more personal
  • 53% of parents report improved relationships with their kids’ teachers

Over 25,000 schools are already using ClassTag. We are excited to welcome forward-looking leaders and their communities on board to build stronger communities and bring their parent engagement to the next level with ClassTag Connect.

“Never let a good crisis go to waste”, quoting Winston Churchill. Let’s turn the 2020 challenges into opportunities, together!

Vlada Lotkina

Vlada Lotkina



Co-Founder and CEO of ClassTag

Want to learn how you can improve your district’s parent-engagement with ClassTag Connect? 

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