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Blog Best Pi Day Classroom Resources Image (1)
Tips and Ideas / Feb 24, 2021

Best Pi Day Classroom Resources

A great opportunity to explore pi and math-related concepts is on Pi Day! We thought we’d help…

by ClassTag Team 3 min read
Blog 3 Tips To Increase Parent Involvement This Spring Image (1)
Tips and Ideas / Feb 22, 2021

3 Tips to Increase Parent Involvement...

Getting parent involvement in your classroom makes a huge difference in your student’s lives! This spring is…

by ClassTag Team 4 min read
Blog Top 10 Chrome Extensions For Teachers Image Blog (1)
Teacher Resources / Feb 15, 2021

Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Teachers

Teachers, are you looking for more ways to increase student engagement? Or perhaps you’d just like to…

by Sam 6 min read
Image Ditch Email (1)
Tips and Ideas / Sep 25, 2020

Ditch Email: Jumpstart Parent Partici...

With many teachers moving to remote learning or hybrid learning, the need to communicate and share information…

by Sam 5 min read
Parents (1)
Tips and Ideas / Aug 07, 2020

How ClassTag Can Help You Reach Every...

Direct parent involvement has always mattered, but the added challenges of COVID-19 make parent participation the cornerstone…

by Sam 3 min read
Summer Books For Teachers (1)
Insights / Jun 29, 2020

5 Great Summer Books For Teachers

Summer is the perfect time for teachers to rest and reflect. Relaxed minds are open to new…

by Jennifer 3 min read
Adventuresvirtual (1)
Remote Learning / Apr 07, 2020

Adventures in Virtual Learning

Teachers, students, and families have instantly transitioned from a traditional classroom setting to distance learning which, of…

by ClassTag Team 4 min read
Remote Learning At Home Classtag Parents 700x463 (1)
For Parents / Mar 24, 2020

I’ve Been Homeschooling Five Ch...

Hi! Welcome — please come in. Sorry, I don’t have on any makeup, and yes, I’m in…

by ClassTag Team 6 min read
Remotelearningvirtualteacher (1)
Tips and Ideas / Mar 16, 2020

The Ultimate Guide To Remote Teaching...

With 87,000+ schools closing, the idea of school districts moving to a digital platform has become a…

by ClassTag Team 3 min read
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