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Best Pi Day Classroom Resources

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A great opportunity to explore pi and math-related concepts is on Pi Day! We thought we’d help you sort through all of the great teaching resources online for helping you celebrate Pi Day (don’t worry, you don’t have to celebrate Pi-day on March 14th 😉 ).  Here are our best finds for Pi Day classroom resources!

Get Parents Involved with Pi Day Parties

Let’s get real – Pi Day practically screams “Party” for classrooms across all grade levels and subjects! Here are some fun ideas that will help you celebrate, no matter what you teach:

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  • Make celebrating Pi Day a community activity by having a pie fundraiser! Check out this post for some super creative Pi Day party inspiration.  We loved the idea of having a pie-in-the-face fundraiser!
  • Have a baking contest and see what family makes the BEST pie. Make a scorecard and let students choose their class favorite! Have parents help students find a recipe card to send in, and you can even make a pie recipe book!
  • If you want to combine a baking contest and a fundraiser, have students and parents make pies and have the local community buy pieces of pie and judge which one is the best. Create an event in ClassTag and invite parents to RSVP and sign-up for to-dos!

Playful Classroom Resources for Pi Day Crafting Activities

When it comes to planning Pi Day activities for your younger ones, it may be a challenge. We searched high and low for “craftivities” that are guaranteed to delight your little math enthusiasts (and help decorate your classroom). Here are some Pi Day classroom resources that won’t disappoint.  Don’t worry, we have something for the older kiddos, too:

  • Give students a bunch of different-sized circles and see what kind of animals or faces they can make! For a less intensive activity, give students the same set of different-sized circles and let them follow along with different creations!
  • Use this fun worksheet from Helping Little Hand’s blog to let students color pis in various patterns. this is a great activity for the little ones!
  • Reinforce or introduce fractions by making “pi-plates.” Have students cut up plates into different fractions and decorate. Mix and match and add them to the bulletin board!

328 All The Sizes

Teaching with Pi Day with Classroom Resources from TpT

Ultimately, pi is the number that defines the relationship of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. 

  • Not only is the day literally 3.14, but it is also Albert Einstein’s birthday! Have students learn more about Albert Einstein and his contributions to Science and Math!
  • There are tons of free resources on Teacher’s Pay Teachers for the older kiddos, but we really like Kate Bing Coners’ Pi-day Investigation Activity.
  • Combine music and the concept of Pi with this inspiration from Michael Blake:

Celebrate Pi Day Outside

What better way to celebrate than to get your students outside and interacting with circles and spheres?! Nothing says Spring like being back out on the playground and enjoying some active learning under the sun.

  • This resource from our friends at Scholastic will not only get your students actively learning about circles, but it will also promote physical-development skills and expose students to science concepts!

Whether you choose to throw a Pi Day bash, great crafty with pi-related lessons or get active with circles and spheres, we hope your classroom’s Pi Day is an ultimate blast! Hopefully, these resources will help you plan your perfect Pi Day and maybe even spark your own unique Pi Day tradition. 

Getting parents involved with small school-holidays can make a BIG impact! Share ClassTag with other teachers and help them reach EVERY parent – whether it is Pi-Day or any other day!

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