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25 Ways to Store and Share Student Information

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Getting documents to and from school and home can be disastrous (think: crumpled field trip forms and lost homework). We have a solution that just works: student backpacks! We’ve made it easy to securely store and share important information in one place. ClassTag’s student backpacks work for everything.

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Keep reading for 25 ways to use student backpacks on ClassTag during the school year! We even have a few free resources for your classroom 😉

Store and Share Important Documents

What to do with all those important beginning of school documents? Instead of trying to fit them into a bulging filing cabinet, store them safely in ClassTag’s student backpack. Set up your year for success by having documentation in each student backpack, where parents can easily upload the filled out document.

  • Back-to-School Informational Flyer
  • Classroom Rules and Expectations
  • Student-made Welcome Video
  • Student Intake Form from Parents
  • Get to Know You, Student Form
  • What to expect at School, during COVID flyer
  • Student schedule

Share Assignments and Store Student Work

Student portfolios are a great way to show growth and learning. Student Backpacks can act as a portfolio of work, but also a great place to give parents additional, age-appropriate, differentiated activities.

  • PDF of Assignment Directions
  • Scavenger Hunt Print-out
  • Science Experiment Instructions, Pictures, and Videos
  • Current Event Assignment Template
  • Virtual Crack the Code 
  • Bell Ringers or Circle Time Topics for the Week
  • Exit Slips or Checks for Understanding
  • Virtual Field Trip Videos

Keep Important Student Information Handy

Don’t get caught off guard during meetings or conferences. Use student backpacks as a handy spot to store student information, so you can be better prepared!

  • Field Trip Permission Forms
  • Medical Forms
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • IEP or 504 documents
  • “Get to know you” student documents
  • Transportation documents
  • Parent-Teacher Conference Notes
  • Behavior Charts
  • Certificates or Awards
  • Academic Goal Charts

Don’t lose a document ever again with ClassTag’s safe and secure (and FREE!) way to hold ALL the documents!

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