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7 Parent-Teacher Communication Tools To Combat Absenteeism

7 Parent-Teacher Communication Tools

Chronic absenteeism is creeping into schools all over the country, linked to poor academic performance, an elevated risk of dropping out, and even entering the criminal justice system. 

So the fact that it is on the rise (one out of every three students was chronically absent last year) is sounding alarms for the educational community. 

Read on to learn more about what it means, and the tools you can use to combat it.

TL;DR “ 7 Parent-Teacher Tools to Improve School Attendance”

Current statistics show us that chronic absenteeism is a major issue for schools and districts, but we can tackle the issue by using parent-teacher communication tools to partner with families at the beginning of the school year.

Parent-Teacher Communication Tools For Absenteeism:

  • Early Intervention Systems
  • Communication Translation Tools
  • Mailing and Outreach Tools
  • Attendance Contracts
  • Interactive Parent Portals
  • 1:1 Family Outreach
  • Community-Building Tools

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What is Chronic Absenteeism?

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Chronic Absenteeism refers to a persistent pattern of students regularly missing a substantial amount of school, often defined as missing 10% or more of the school year. Students of color, from low-income households, or with disabilities are at highest risk.

It can have negative impacts on students from the very beginning of their educational journey, often starting as early as kindergarten or preschool. 

While the exact age at which these negative effects become noticeable may vary, research has shown that missing even a few days of school in the early years can set the stage for academic struggles later on.

Parent-Teacher Communication Can Help

Studies show that home adults become more supportive the more school info they know. The tools below can help districts, buildings, classrooms and families fix the attendance issue, together.

1. Early Intervention Systems

How will you use Parent-Teacher Communication Tools for family involvement effectiveness?

Early intervention systems like Operoo identify students at the first signs of irregular attendance. It addresses the issue before it becomes a problem. 

At the very first signs of irregular attendance, an early intervention system kicks-in with swift action to address the issue. 

What Early Intervention Systems Do:

  • Pinpoint students missing school more frequently than usual.
  • Allow educators and school staff to provide timely support.
  • Interventions could include personalized attendance improvement plans, counseling, or connecting families with community resources that can address the underlying causes.

2. Communication Translation Tools

Auto Translation

Language barriers shouldn’t limit regular information sharing from educational leaders and staff. Parent-Teacher communication tools like ClassTag and Smore translate to the families’ preferred language.

They facilitate regular information sharing between educational leaders, teachers, and families by translating important messages, newsletters, and announcements into the families’ preferred language.

This not only fosters inclusivity but also empowers parents who might otherwise feel disconnected from their child’s educational journey due to language differences. 

3. General Mailing and Preferred Channel Outreach Tools

Family reading important info from mail.

Effective communication between schools and families is essential to addressing chronic absenteeism, and general mailing and preferred channel outreach tools like SI&A and SchoolStatus are key components of this effort. 

To ensure that crucial information reaches parents and guardians in a timely manner, schools can set up automated messaging systems. 

These systems not only provide convenient reminders about upcoming school events but also serve as a powerful tool for addressing attendance issues.

4. Attendance Contracts

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Sign an agreement between students, their families, and the school. This helps ensure everyone knows what’s required and whom to contact for support. 

Attendance contracts serve as a roadmap for success.

They specify:

  •  Attendance goals
  • Consequences for continued absences
  • The support systems in place to help students meet their attendance targets. 

When students, parents, and the school administration come together to sign such contracts, it sends a strong message that attendance is a shared priority. They are not punitive, but rather a proactive approach to ensuring that everyone knows what is expected and where to turn for assistance.

5. Interactive Parent Portals

Providing parents and guardians with the means to actively engage in their child’s education is crucial, not just for academic performance but also for their overall well-being. 

Interactive parent portals like ClassTag play a pivotal role in this endeavor by offering a user-friendly online platform where families can conveniently track their child’s attendance, assignments, and communicate about the student with teachers and the school in real time.

6. 1:1 Outreach Systems

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1:1 outreach systems recognize that behind every attendance record is a unique student with individual needs and challenges. 

Therefore, they emphasize the power of personalized communication to understand and address the root causes of absenteeism.

1:1 outreach may involve:

  • Phone calls
  • Personal Emails
  • Personal messaging
  • Home visits

This personal touch may reveal challenges at home, health concerns, transportation barriers, or even emotional struggles that hinder a student’s ability to attend school regularly. 1:1 outreach is not just about addressing absenteeism; it’s about nurturing a culture of care and understanding within the educational community.

7. Community-Building Tools

Integrated Tools

These tools recognize that schools do not exist in isolation; they are part of a larger community, including students, parents, guardians, and local organizations. 

Strengthening these bonds can have a profound impact on attendance and student well-being.

Community-Building may include:

  • Hosting workshops for guardians focused on attendance and ways to support students. 
  • Hosting workshops for families with guidance and resources to play an active role in their child’s education.
  • Using social media platforms to share attendance-related achievements and celebrations involving students. 
  • Using social media to encourage a sense of community pride, and send the message that attendance is a collective effort.

In The End: Shared Responsibilities

In the pursuit of combating chronic absenteeism, we must remember that it will only work if we all understand and work toward the same goal. 

While Parent-Teacher Communication tools are a critical piece of the puzzle, they are just one component of a holistic approach. The ultimate success of these tools lies in how they are embraced and utilized by all stakeholders.

Schedule a free demo today with a dedicated member of the ClassTag Connect team to learn how it can unite your educational community to eliminate chronic absenteeism.

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