Classroom Supplies and Tools / Jul 21, 2020

5 Must-have School Supplies During COVID

5 Must-have School Supplies During COVID

By this time of year many families are gearing up for school: getting supply lists, getting back-to-school, and rushing through forgotten summer reading. With the uncertainty brought on by COVID, we know this back to school season will be different. 


Here at ClassTag, we made supply shopping safer and cheaper for parents. Teachers: simply approve and share your list (and grab those extra 200 coins!). Parents shopping through our ClassTag Supplies Store will save 25% vs. top US retailers, without ever leaving home. 


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The Important Back To Schools Supplies

We’ve asked teachers and parents what they think will be the most important items going back to school and here is what they said:


1.Masks: A box of disposable masks can give a family peace of mind when sending their child to school. It doesn’t hurt to buy a box yourself! 


2. Hand Sanitizer: What teacher doesn’t have a bottle of hand sanitizer at their desk for messy hands? You might want to stock a little extra, just to make sure everyone stays squeaky clean!



3. Hand washing signs: Schools typically supply hand washing items, but younger students might need some additional prompting with a sign to ensure they are following directions.


4. Earbuds: For those sticking to virtual learning (or even hybrid learning), earbuds will come in handy! When parents need peace and quiet, or siblings are working in the same space, earbuds can be a perfect way to connect with a student without interrupting others.


5. Basic School Supplies: Often in a virtual classroom, many parents think their students won’t need supplies. It is still essential to set up students for success. Having a notebook and a pencil is still important, as many students will like taking hand-written notes.


Whether you go back to school face-to-face or virtual, we are here to support you and your families. Join ClassTag for FREE and give parents the chance to save some money during this back-to-school season.

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