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5 Essential Habits of Successful Teachers for 2017


Are New Year resolutions worth the hassle? The success depends on staying consistent – establishing a habit. This handy list of essential habits practiced by successful teachers will help you avoid burnout and find more satisfaction in your work in 2017.

1. Be a learner

“Your life as a teacher begins the day you realize you’re always a learner” – said Rober John Meeham. Keeping up-to-date with education trends might seem like extra work, but will actually save you time and boost your results in the long-term.

2. Be open to technology

New tools for the classroom emerge literally every day – it can be intimidating. But smart classroom apps can become invaluable – they are becoming easier and easier to implement (even in the middle of the school year) and are often free to use. Check out our list of must-have apps recommended by top ed tech bloggers and choose a new tool to try this year.

3. Say no to overwork

Teachers are chronic over-committers, but a burnt out teacher won’t ignite a spark for learning in their students. Pacing your grading,  quick and random quizzes, verbal responses and informal assessments will reducing the burden of grading – without compromising learning outcomes.

Homework research guru openly says that “there is no evidence that any amount of homework improves the academic performance of elementary students”. We believe that for young learners, alternatives to homework can be a valuable and valid element of learning and development. Don’t feel bad about foregoing preceding stacks of worksheets and experiment with other ways of creating teachable moments outside the classroom.

4. Cultivate relationships with parents

Are you continuously buying school materials out of pocket? Teachers are often digging into their own pockets to stock their classrooms with essential supplies, spending as much as $500 a year. It’s time to activate the parents – you probably have twenty or more families in your classroom. Parents know how dedicated you are, so don’t hesitate and ask for support.

One of our users, Beth, who started utilizing requests last year found it to be a game-changer. “It has been wonderful. I just type in that I need a few drivers for a field trip and they sign up.  No follow-up emails needed!” – she told us. Imagine what you could achieve with this level of support!

5. Engage with a like-minded community

Broaden your horizons by engaging in conversations with educators beyond your own school. Joining a vibrant community of teachers is as easy as creating an Instagram account (we did!) – a #teacherproblem shared is a problem halved. If you prefer in-person networking, set a goal to head to a local Ed Camp this year. Look for one in your area and add it to your calendar today.

Have you found a habit you want to cultivate in 2017? Share it with us on Twitter or Instagram.




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