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3 Amazing ELA Highlights Available Through ClassTag Rewards

By Samantha Hall

Hello fellow teachers!

I hope this round-up of great offers finds most of you settled into your classrooms, with successful meet-the teacher and orientations completed. 

As I was setting up my classroom, I glanced into a colleague’s room (we all need a little inspiration) and noticed a poster that says “If you can read this, thank a teacher”.  This got me thinking about the importance of ELA (English, Language Arts) in school. As a social studies teacher I know the impact ELA instruction can have on a student’s ability to read and write.  Ultimately, the importance of proper ELA instruction is essential when considering the future success of a student in all subject areas.

ClassTag teachers can get free and discounted supplies, gift cards and software. Just for doing their parent communication through ClassTag and sharing ClassTag with other teachers.

With that in mind, I wanted to highlight some of the ELA offers with ClassTag Rewards.  For those unfamiliar with ClassTag’s new Rewards Program, check out this help page for more information.


Speakaboos (3 Months Free): Using popular characters and topics, the Speakaboos app engages students ages 2-6 through interactive stories.  As a teacher, you have access to real-time reporting that includes the topics and time spent in the app.


Rethink Reading (3 Months Free): One of the challenges in teaching reading, especially when considering time restraints, is assessing fluency.  By collecting data from read-alouds that students can do on their own, Rethink reading makes assessing and teaching reading fluency hassle-free.


Miss Humblebee’s Academy (2 Months Free):  A love for reading can be developed early!  Miss Humblebee’s Academy focuses on developing reading skills through phonics and reading comprehension by using online resources and off-line hands-on projects.


Teachers, ClassTag loves hearing feedback on their programs and offers!  Please feel free to contact: and let them know what you think!

With that, I wish everyone a stress-free week! And, if it is getting a tad overwhelming, check out some of the great memes for the week!

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