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2023 Classroom Inspiration and Decor: Setting Up Your Class

Back-to-school Classroom Decor

As teachers gear up for a new academic year, there’s one crucial aspect of the classroom that often goes unnoticed but has a profound impact on our students’ learning journey – the classroom environment, defined by classroom inspiration and decor. 

At this very moment, teachers everywhere are inventing affordable, creative decoration styles with thoughtful class layouts to help ignite the passion for learning in students. Educators often hope for the classroom culture to permeate even the walls of the class, so that students know as soon as they walk in that they will be safe, comfortable, and interested. 

Read on for our classroom inspiration and decor for the 2023 back-to-school season for students in elementary and middle school, along with class layouts for consideration and text as decor.

Class Decor- 2023 Back-To-School Styles

Creating a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere in the classroom is key to fostering a positive learning environment. Whether it’s decorating your class as the cosmos for a group of budding astronauts, or something less concrete, start off in a way that focuses your students on what is important and helps them to feel comfortable.

Check out some of the newest classroom decor styles we are seeing below, along with its paired ClassTag Classroom!

1. Pastel Classrooms

It’s their happy place, just make sure you have plenty of Clorox Wipes on hand to keep it looking that way!

Pastel Classroom

Pastel Classroom Neutral


(Paired with the ClassTag Boho Theme)


Boho Pastel ClassTag Theme


2. Neons

It doesn’t matter if it’s rainy outside, in class it’s always sunny and bright!

Screen Shot 2023 07 24 At 2.34.18 Pm

(Paired with the ClassTag Reading Night Theme)

ClassTag Reading Night Theme


3. Nature

Bring happy trees to your classroom! Also, who doesn’t love calming green and camp vibes? 

Nature OneNature TwoNature Three







(Paired with the ClassTag Earth Day Theme)Earth Day Theme


4. 70s Retro in classroom inspiration and decor

Stylista teachers, we bow to thee.

70s Retro Classroom

(Paired with the ClassTag Summer Theme)

ClassTag Summer Theme


5. White, Black, and Pops of Color

Somewhat easier to find decor than some of the others, with an amazing overall effect!

Pops of color classroom

(Paired with the ClassTag Classic Theme)

Classic Classroom Theme



Of course, make use of the magic of bulletin boards and wall displays. You can always get the students to showcase their style and preferences by turning the classroom walls into a canvas of creativity.

Bring your classroom and digital theming to the next level with parent communication with ClassTag Newsletters! By sharing images of the students learning in your class, parents will be sure to gain positive feelings toward you and your classroom culture. 

We dropped Canva HTML into the ClassTag Newsletter below so that it goes with the Black, white and pops of color theme: Screen Shot 2023 07 24 At 8.25.03 Pm

Class Layouts To Experiment With For Success

Decor aside, seating arrangements and classroom layouts play a vital role in cultivating a conducive learning environment. While our teachers advocate for flexible seating options, allowing students to choose where they feel most comfortable and engaged, we understand the need to switch it up!

Below are some of the classics to consider for your back-to-school setup.

EI3 Seating

Beautiful and useful seating for breaking into partners and small group work. Comes with the added bonus of separating pairs that may need a little more concentration into pairs away from the larger teams. 

Classroom seating option one

Big Semi Circle + Optional Mini Semi Circle

You will see what everyone is doing with this setup, which can be useful for whole-class conversation, debate and individual work.

Semi circle classroom seating option

Seat of Privilege 

Offering the positive reinforcement of one special seat (like the large cushion below) to students to earn is extremely low-lift for you as a teacher, and can be reassigned or taken away in a snap. 


Screen Shot 2023 07 24 At 3.08.26 Pm


Group Seating

Group Seating is a great way to group who works well together and keep the harmony in class. 

Screen Shot 2023 07 24 At 3.09.49 Pm

Traditional Spaced Seating

Testing seating, need we say more?

Screen Shot 2023 07 24 At 3.10.56 Pm

Front-Facing Rows

Great for Teacher-centered lessons, videos and presentations. 

Screen Shot 2023 07 24 At 3.14.14 Pm

Mixed Seating

Helping students sit wherever works best for them! It could take a while to figure out what works best where. That said, every student will hypothetically end up where they can focus and learn best.

Screen Shot 2023 07 24 At 3.12.06 Pm


Small-Group Area

Adding a small-group pull-out area in the class is a great way to focus with students without everyone else in class interrupting.

Screen Shot 2023 07 24 At 3.13.06 Pm


No matter what you choose for the initial set-up, plan to mix it up several times this year, and create functional learning zones, such as cozy reading corners or collaborative spaces that cater to different learning styles.

Inspiring Educational Quotes and Displays

Finally, motivation can make all the difference in a student’s learning journey. If you don’t want to constantly put too much of your free time into decorating the class, educational quotes offer a lot of bang for their buck. 

Add some motivational quotes and visuals to inspire young minds daily, and you’ll witness the enthusiasm in their eyes as they walk through the door.

Quotes on bulletin board as classroom inspiration and decor. "Bloom where you are planted."Screen Shot 2023 07 24 At 2.45.27 Pm









Framed Quotes

Screen Shot 2023 07 24 At 2.54.52 Pm


Sandwich Board Quotes

Switch them up and surprise your students daily!

Screen Shot 2023 07 24 At 2.53.42 Pm


Door Quotes 

They will definitely read these as they wait in line every day!

Door quotes in classroom inspiration and decor "We never lose. We either Win or we Learn."


Just make sure to choose your quotes carefully so that they resonate with your students. And if not? Switch them up!

Summing it up…

Your thoughtfully decorated and well-organized classroom is likely to impress and endear your students. Not because of the style, but because it is a reflection of you. 

With the use of classroom inspiration and decor, careful seating, and class quotes, everyone can set the stage for the exciting journey ahead. Here’s to a fantastic year of growth and discovery!


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