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10 Teachers that Make it Happen on Pinterest

teachers on pinterest

If you haven’t spent an entire Sunday afternoon (or two or three) falling down the Pinterest rabbit hole, you’re missing a pretty fun part of being a teacher. If you haven’t experienced the thrilling spiral of discovery darting from one pin to another until you have so many amazing teaching ideas that you don’t even know what you started searching for to begin with – ok breathe! – then you are truly missing out.

Pinterest is a WONDERFUL tool for teachers. It is chock-full of incredible ideas in every topic you could ever imagine. However, the sheer number of boards and pins available can be very overwhelming. We want to help you get started by recommending 10 teachers that #MakeItHappen on Pinterest.

Common Core Kingdom | Julie Bochese

With 1.5 million monthly viewers and well over 20,000 pins, Julie’s Pinterest account is a must-follow. She shares tons of engaging elementary lessons aligned to Common Core Standards as well as some super creative boards such as Movement in the Classroom and Fun Snacks for Kids.

“Pinterest is a great way to do a visual search. It is easy to find what you need quickly. Pinterest also makes it easy to organize your pins, products, and blog posts into boards with different topics. Pinterest has helped me reach a significant number of customers I may have not otherwise found.”

Julie Bochese

What does Julie search for the most when on Pinterest?

“I search for topics that I need a visual idea for such as anchor charts, books, teaching ideas, and recipes.”


Glitter in Third | Kelly Chapman

A Pinterest account with 1.1 million monthly viewers is certainly an impressive feat! Kelly has over 30,000 pins dedicated to educational resources for primary elementary teachers K-3, creative teaching strategies, classroom decor, and classroom organization.

“I love learning new ideas in a visual way. I can instantly discover a new activity or lesson plan and see exactly what it is going to look like! I have a large amount of boards so that I can help other teachers discover these new ideas as well.”

Kelly Chapman

What does Kelly search for the most when on Pinterest?

“I typically search for teaching ideas for specific content areas when on Pinterest myself.”


Appletastic Learning | Shelly Rees

Shelly has carefully put together over 70 inspiring Pinterest boards that have attracted over 1 million monthly viewers. She shares educational resources, teaching strategies, lesson ideas and more for upper elementary teachers – totalling a whopping 64,000 pins. You may need more than one Sunday afternoon to go through them all!

“I love being able to find and share inspirational ideas and strategies for the elementary classroom. I can easily use boards to curate and showcase photos of helpful classroom tips. There are so many creative teachers out there, and Pinterest is the perfect place to share ideas with them!”

Shelly Rees

What does Shelly search for the most when on Pinterest?

“Classroom decor and organization are my two favorite things to search for on Pinterest. You just never know when you will find a genius idea for organizing or decorating your classroom space. Why reinvent the wheel if there is already a great solution out there?”


Student Savvy | Suzy Memeo

Suzy describes her Pinterest profile as a place where teachers become savvy about their students, finding the latest information and resources for the classroom. With almost 60,000 pins and a million monthly viewers, we’d say she’s found quite a bit of success! Be sure to check our her End of the Year Activities board and our favorite, her A+ Teaching Tips board.

“I love utilizing the collaborative boards with other teachers and teacher authors. I also enjoy discovering innovative and unique ideas for the classroom!”

Suzy Memeo

What does Suzy search for the most when on Pinterest?

“STEM Activities, Interactive Notebooks, and Novel Studies.”


Teacher Karma | Jen Bradshaw

Jen has a lot of good karma coming her way after collecting 160,000+ pins over 92 boards in order to help other teachers. She shares free classroom resources, engaging learning strategies, and simple planning for teachers.

“I love to share teaching ideas, literacy resources, learning strategies, and especially freebies on Pinterest. I write blog posts on my website, www.teacherkarma.com, and then create beautiful pins that connect to my resources. This allows me to put really great resources in the hands of more teachers.”

Jen Bradshaw

What does Jen search for the most when on Pinterest?

“Searching for comprehension strategies and ideas to engage students is what I search for most. I also have a huge “thing” for graphic organizers, so you will see lots of those in my feed.”


Heart 2 Heart Teaching | Julieann Samayoa

With over half a million monthly viewers and an impressive 321 boards, Julieann’s profile is a one-stop shop for all your teaching needs. She shares great ideas for inside the classroom, such as teaching products and classroom management ideas, and for outside the classroom, such as meal prep ideas and small business resources (for her fellow teacher entrepreneurs!).

“I love searching for teaching lessons, ideas, and classroom decor on Pinterest. Anytime that I need inspiration for a fun craft or need new ideas, I turn to Pinterest.”

Julieann Samayoa

What does Julieann search for the most when on Pinterest?

“Everything! Educational resources, classroom decor, printables for kids, lesson plans by subject, kids crafts, house decor and DIY projects, gardening ideas, cooking recipes and videos.”


Teach Without Tears | Tara Dusko

You’ll cry tears of joy when you come across Tara’s Pinterest profile. She has beautifully organized almost 15,000 pins into boards aimed at helping teachers have a fun, low stress school year. She shares resources from her TpT Store and tons of elementary teaching ideas.

“I love finding new creative ideas for my classroom and sharing my lessons with other teachers.”

Tara Dusko

What does Tara search for the most when on Pinterest?

“My Pinterest feed is filled with elementary school lesson ideas and pictures of yummy foods, since I also love to cook.”


K.A.B.B. Educational Resources | Kerry Lynn

Kerry is a mom, wife, teacher, and teacher author. She shares engaging lessons from her own TpT store as well as a board full of $1 deals from her other favorite TpT authors. Take a look and you will find something for almost every subject you could need.

“What I love most about Pinterest is that I can always find great ideas for bulletin boards, lesson ideas, and tips and tricks for teaching and classroom management!”

Kerry Lynn

What does Kerry search for the most when on Pinterest?

“I love searching for Classroom Management ideas.”


Teaching with Technology | Bethany Petty

You’ll want to check out each and every board on Bethany’s profile as she covers every topic a teacher could be interested in. Some of her boards include: Using Educational TechnologyFlipping the ClassroomChromebooks!, and Useful Professional Learning.

“I love finding great resources and ideas and connecting with educators around the world!”

Bethany Petty

What does Bethany search for the most when on Pinterest?

“I love to search for Educational Technology!”


Sockmonkey Science | Mary Caroline Smith

This is a super fun profile for science teachers! Mary is a science teacher, blogger, and TpT author and you will love her content – especially her Fun Science board and her STEM & STEAM Science For Classrooms/Schools board.

“I am such a visual person, and Pinterest allows me to find and create ideas that make sense to me. I try to make pins that convey my message visually rather than just verbally. A picture of students using my lessons is much more valuable to a teacher looking for inspiration than a pin jam packed with words!”

Mary Caroline Smith

What does Mary search for the most when on Pinterest?

“Ideas for science labs! I also like to search for inspiration for illustrations and art to create for my own products.”


Well, get pinning! We hope these amazing teachers will help inspire some fantastic ideas for your classroom.

Do you have any other teachers that you follow on Pinterest? Share them in the comments!

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