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10 Reasons to Love and Use Classtag Today!

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Hi, I’m Brittany- a 5th year Kindergarten teacher. If there’s anything that I’ve learned during my time in the classroom, it’s that organization and proactive parent communication are absolutely key for a successful year.

Here are 10 of the many reasons that I use Classtag to help me stay effortlessly organized and have 100% positive parent engagement!

  1. Ease of Use and Simplicity:
    Classtag is one click for me, the teacher, and parents receive communication to their preference. I don’t need to remember to send out paper copies for everyone, and a text, and an email.
  2. Include everyone- no matter the language:
    Classtag automatically translates all communication into over 50 different languages, so you can make sure that everyone gets the message.
  3. Contact Information Analysis:
    Classtag lets me know if parent contact information is up to date so that I don’t have to guess!
  4. Accountability:
    Classtag lets me know if parents read my correspondence. This means that parents are always in the loop, and there’s accountability in the communication process.
  5. Organizing Events and Activities:
    Classtag allows me to automate organizing events. I teach Kindergarten, which means that sometimes we have class parties and we need to decide who is bringing in what items. Classtag will remind parents automatically for me, so I don’t need to chase down volunteers to send in plastic spoons for that crafty snack the kids are making and eating today.
  6. Concrete Statistics on Parent Engagement:
    Classtag offers a statistics page that gives you detailed information about parent engagement. In Connecticut, I’m evaluated on parent engagement and the statistics page provides concrete data on how parents have participated in my class this year! 
  7. Office Hours:
    Classtag allows you to set times when you can be reached. You can even customize the days and times to fit your schedule! If parents try to message you during these times, there will not be a push notification to your phone. The parent will see a message that explains that the teacher can reply once office hours resume. 
  8. Automated Weekly Newsletters:
    Classtag compiles all of the upcoming events and posts that the teacher has made into a weekly summary that gets delivered to families each week. This feature helps parents to stay in-the-know about upcoming events- like the play for Music class next Thursday.
  9. Parent Teacher Conferences:
    Setting up my parent teacher conferences has never been easier. What I truly appreciate about Classtag is that it’s a one stop shop- I simply post the times that are available, parents get reminded to sign up, and that’s it! If parents don’t sign up, Classtag automatically reminds those parents to sign up so that you, the teacher, don’t have to!
  10. Community:
    Classtag allows the teacher to open messaging up to the parents. I can truly say that in my class, this made a huge difference in creating a supportive system of camaraderie. Parents could communicate with each other and help coordinate school events, as well as coordinate social activities that could be the beginning of long lasting friendships- when the communication started with Classtag!

So if you have already signed up for Classtag, be sure to activate your classroom and start earning free supplies for your class by signing in today!

If you haven’t signed up for Classtag- click here to get signed up for FREE right now!

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