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2019: Year in Review


We Made It Happen In 2019

Classtag Yir

It’s been an honor to help unleash your classroom’s potential – and we look forward to doing an even better job next year!

We’ve committed to next year being ALL about you, so here are a few things to expect from us in 2020:

1. More Collaboration for Teachers, Parents and School Leaders

When we started ClassTag, we imagined a different reality where parents and teachers find it easy to connect and build relationships, work together to support student success and have more resources for the classroom.

The reality is happening! In 2020 ClassTag will be better than ever. With new features and improvements to the core product, communication will be even easier between parents and teachers. We’re also rolling out new programs for school leaders and school-level features to make collaboration much more transparent and seamless.

2. More Donations, More Rewards

In 2020 we’re planning to break our record for donations of free classroom supplies and resources. That means more coins, and more exciting options for redeeming your coins.

Plus, we’re working on new and exciting ways to get more donations for your classroom. This new feature is totally different than our current Rewards program and could lower out-of-pocket costs significantly. 

We’re excited to take our Rewards program to a new level! 

3. A Blazing-Fast and Reliable App

Over the last 12 months we’ve completely rewritten our app to make it faster and more reliable. We’ve fixed over 90% of our app issues and made a huge improvement to our app speed.

But 2020 will be much, much better. When we complete the re-engineering this spring, we hope to give you a flawless app experience. We are thankful for your patience & your input in making it better!

Thank you again for using ClassTag and helping us #makeithappen, we truly appreciate you. 

Happiest of joy, love and hope, to you and yours!

 – The team at ClassTag


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